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    1. Bekowski and Litteral's (2006) article discusses process improvement at a cost to product quality. Explain what is meant by product quality and quality control.

    2. Based on Tichacek's (2006) article, analyze and discuss one of the proposed methods for controlling costs.

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    //Before discussing about the methods for controlling costs, it is essential to have knowledge about the product quality and quality control. One should know about the measures used in product quality and quality control, in order to analyze the quality aspects effectively.//

    Product quality and Quality control

    According to the given article, product quality is the measure that is employed to ensure that the produced products are defect free and perfect in terms of efficiency. Product quality is the most substantial attribute of error proofed manufacturing method that is enforced generally in the organization to produce superior products. In general terms, it is the aggregation of characteristics and attributes of a product that exhibit its capability to fulfill the given requirements. Product quality can be attained only through the application of error proofed process solutions in the manufacturing process. It is the indication of quality attributes that are capable enough to meet the needs and expectations of the target market above their range and are better in comparison to the products offered by the competitors (Bukowski & Litteral, 2006).

    Quality control is the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 746 words with references.