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Steps in Lean Thinking Model, Shortchanging Customers and Costs

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a) Five steps in the lean thinking models are as below:
- Identify value in specific products and services;
- Identify the business process that delivers value;
- Organize work arrangements around the flow of the business process;
- Create a pull system that responds to customer orders;
- Continuously pursue perfection in the business process.

Continuously pursuing perfection in the business process is the most challenging step fir the organizations. Although the initial set of lean thinking can be implemented with the help of external consultants, continuously pursuing perfection would require Involving entire staff in this process and ensuring that the staff's perspective is maintained at all times. This would mean that we have a clear time scaled action plan with a nominated lead who is responsible for quickly implementing any improvement ideas. Getting the staff together and working in partnership is very difficult and it requires developing a ...

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The solution discusses steps in the Lean Thinking Model, shortchanging customers and schedule costs.