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    Knowledge Management

    Data Mining Patterns

    I need some help with answering questions on data mining: 1. Name the major patterns and explain a couple of them. 2. Data Mining Application. Name five areas where this has been successful.

    Decisions and Risk Management That Led to the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

    The U.S. financial markets have experienced a storm unseen since the Great Depression (some say worse than that). Losses in the financial sector wiped out much of the liquidity in the U.S. credit industry, further affecting companies' ability to borrow and continue operations. The ensuing recession has had a staggering effect on

    Continuation of earlier case study (Dirt Bikes)

    Case study (in the form of a memorandum) instructions attached. I also attached the original documents for Dirt Bikes - not sure if you need them or not. As we spoke about previously, I valued it at 13 credits.

    Forming teams and avoiding pitfalls of team design

    Experts say that teams are a means, not an end. What do you think they mean? What do you think happens in a company that creates teams just for the sake of having teams, because it is a fad or because it sounds good? How can this pitfall be avoided?

    Analyze the case: Knowledge Management in Accenture 1992

    A brief introduction framing the issues of the case. Do not spend a lot of space on the history, development, and growth of the company over time. We have all read the case. Identification of the company's internal strengths and weaknesses. Identification of the opportunities and threats in the external environment surrou

    Knowledge Management (KM)

    What is knowledge management? If you were in charge of developing a knowledge management system in your company, what kinds of things would you take into account? How would you approach developing such a system?


    Select an organization. Prepare a paper in which you evaluate the organizing function of management as it relates to at the following organizational resources a.Knowledge Discuss whether or not your organization has optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency. Justify your position. You ha

    Why is Knowledge Management (KM) important to Martime and its VMI contracts?

    Martime is a Mexican headquartered trading firm that sources goods (from its own factories as well as third party suppliers) primarily in Greater China and Southeast Asia and sells finished goods to mid-level retailers in North America, Australasia and Europe. As a value-adding intermediary, it has established a highly profitabl