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Knowledge Management Case Analysis

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A brief introduction framing the issues of the case. Do not spend a lot of space on the history, development, and growth of the company over time. We have all read the case.

Identification of the company's internal strengths and weaknesses.

Identification of the opportunities and threats in the external environment surrounding the company.

Analysis of the corporate-level strategy pursued by the company, if addressed in the case study reading material, and whether it fits effectively with the company's SWOT analysis.

A consideration of issues raised in the case writeup that are germane to concepts we have studied in the course.

Specific recommendations for what the company should do next and directions that it should take.

-In addition specifically consider the cultural orientations of the countries participating in case, and their impact upon it.
the case can be found on the following link it was to huge to attach it. It is from page 234-246 (last paragraph on page 246 should be client).

The case is knowledge management in accenture 1992-January 2001 attached is the link.


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1. The framing issues in this case study include the importance of knowledge management in an organization known as Accenture, and how this organization should best facilitate the distribution of knowledge throughout its organizational paradigm, as well as the methodology by which this organization should efficiently analyze this knowledge base, and decide what pertinent data should be allocated to the pertinent departments and or staff members within the organization. The essence of the proficient implementation and execution of the organization's strategic initiatives, is largely dependent on the organization's ability to continuously create pertinent knowledge, to distribute this knowledge in an efficient manner, as well as to secure this knowledge from unwanted intrusion by unscrupulous individuals.

2. The internal strengths of the organization are its innovative approach to knowledge creation, its innovative approach to knowledge dispersal, it strong organizational infrastructure, its long track record of excellent performance in the industry, experienced and proactive leaders at the management and staff level, its adaptability to changing circumstances, its vast databases, and is ...

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