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Knowledge management for Dirt Bikes

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Case study (in the form of a memorandum) instructions attached.

I also attached the original documents for Dirt Bikes - not sure if you need them or not.

As we spoke about previously, I valued it at 13 credits.

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Overall Context of the organization:

Dirt Bikes is a manufacturer of custom Dirt Bikes and sells its products mostly in the US market as well as in some parts of Europe. The company is growing and looking to expand beyond its current target segment and enter into newer market segments as well as newer geographies.

Knowledge Assets of the organization:

The key knowledge asset of Dirt Bikes is its ability to manufacture world class, high quality custom made dirt bikes. The company uses its proprietary knowledge and experience to produce some of the finest dirt bike available in the market. The company sources its components from reputed manufacturers across the globe and products its own, unique designed frames which provides a distinct ...

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