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    brand development strategies

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    You are the marketing manager for a successful manufacturer of off-road bicycles that appeal to men 18-29 years old. Explain how you would us the four brand development strategies in the text to come up with three products that you could add to your brand. Describe the products.

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    //I have talked about four brand development strategies of a successful manufacturing company of the bicycles in this paper appealing to men aged between 18 and 29. Prior to discussing about them, I want you to learn about what brand development is and what is its importance in the formulation of business strategies. I have illustrated this below: //

    Brand development has become a necessary aspect for the company due to an increase in the expectation of the consumers and availability of the vast choices in front of them. Apart from this, for achieving the long term success, brand development strategy becomes important. The four Brand development strategies that will be used to come up with the three products are:

    ?« Identification of the core value of the brand: This is the first step in branding strategy and it should be developed to identify the core values of the brand. The ...

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