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    Advertising and Society Evaluated

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    Describe and evaluate the representation of childhood presented in the Persil 'Dirt is Good' television commercial.

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    Unilever, a company in the United Kingdom (UK) markets the Persil product saying, "The advert continues [an] ongoing theme of 'Dirt is good' capturing playful Roboboy's behavior as soon as he's accidentally gets covered with mud."

    In depth, this advertisement captures a robot inside of a residence (or garage) looking at the enticing outdoors, which appears more clearly as a dog enters and shakes debris on it. Here, the main character, the robot, which seems somewhat human with blinking eyes, has just been introduced to "dirtiness" via the animal. Viewers may get a sense of depravation for a child living clean, curious about the outdoors and possibilities of messiness.

    Solo piano music orchestrates in the background with wordless narration. The figure begins to walk, making its way outside, as if formerly trapped (clean) indoors. The robot walks through grass in the yard with amazement of the unknown, making its way through piles of leaves. Then, it appears barefoot, which appears as a young white human feet.

    The being continues to walk through the grassy yard; finds a worm on the ground, picks it up with robotic hands and observes it squiggle; it continues to display awe of its surroundings.

    The robot's hands change to human form while holding the insect. Rain begins to fall in the yard. The android is apparently elated, joyously jumping in a puddle of mud. The ...

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    The representation of childhood in a television commercial is evaluated.