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This post addresses advertising and entrepreneurial issues.

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Advertisement (Part 1) What are three ways to advertise, in an e-commerce society, a new business venture?

Networking Sites (Part 2): Identify three social networking sites any new business should link to. What are the target demographics for each site highlighted?

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Here is the discussion for the first part:
Three ways to advertise a new business venture in an e-commerce society include traffic exchange advertising, advertising on internet web sites like search engines and other web sites that generate a large amount of internet traffic, and by writing blogs. Traffic exchanges are an extremely successful medium, and many internet traffic exchanges are offered at very reasonable prices by sponsoring companies. In this type of business deal, the website provides a service to the webmasters, in exchange for website traffic. This is particularly effective for new business ventures, because it generates a high amount of traffic, although the visitors only see the traffic exchange advertisement for approximately twenty to thirty seconds. If the banner is well-designed that is used by the new business venture in a traffic exchange, it can generate enough interest to encourage the visitor to visit the website of the new business more extensively, which then works to draw additional interest.

Many new businesses secure enough initial capital to afford advertisements on the internet with major companies, like Yahoo, Microsoft Networks, and others. This is particularly effective for new business ventures because the company showing the advertisement on their website pages already has an established ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion examining three ways advertise, in an e-commerce society, a new business venture and also discusses three social networking sites any new business should link to, including the target demographics for each of the three sites discussed.

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