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Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Investigate the idea of a Skype IPO

An IPO for Skype? Recently, the online auction giant E-Bay has announced their intention to sell their Skype division through an initial public offering (IPO). Some of you might be familiar with Skype, as they are one of the leaders in providing online video and audio conferencing services. Here is an article on this recent

Sampras Inc. is going public: what should the firm's IPO offer price be?

Sampras Inc. is going public and issuing 500,000 shares of common stock. The capital raised in the IPO will be used to fund the company's proposed expansion. A Dutch auction is being used to allocate shares in the Sampras inc. The bids for shares are shown below: Number of shares requested Price 50,000

Dixon Corporation Public Offering

Dixon Corporation is considering a public offering of common stock. The firm will offer one million shares of common stock for sale. The estimated selling price is $30 per share with Dixon Corp. receiving $26.25 per share after the offering. Registration fees are estimated at $275,000. Use this information to answer the

FIN 370 - Virtual Organization Strategy Paper

I need help with this assignment. The organization that I have chosen is McBride Financial Services. This has to be at lease 300-400 words. Using the link on the rEsource page, access the Virtual Organizations. Select one of the Virtual Organizations. Assume that your selected organization is a privately held company and tha

Investors and Firm's Intrinsic Value, organization, business,

1-2: If most investors expect the same cash flows from Companies A and B but are more confident that A's cash flows will be closer to their expected value, which company should have the higher stock price? Explain 1-3: what is a firm's intrinsic value? Its current stock price? Is the stock's "true long-run value" more closely r


After doing some research both on Second Life and on online auction IPOs, write a four to five page paper answering the following question: What type of IPO should Second Life use - a traditional IPO or an online auction? In your paper you should consider the following issues: A. The type of investors Second Life is likely to

Real options in capital budgeting

1. What are real options? Why is it important for managers to determine the value of real options in capital budgeting decisions? Using an example explain how you can determine the value of a real option in the capital budgeting decision. In your response, include an example (use research article to answer the question). 2. I

Valuation of Teabucks by P/E Ratios

Finance Week 2 - Assignment 3 The valuation of Teabucks by P/E Ratio is the industry average (35) * Teabucks Net Income (40) => $1400M The valuation of Teabucks by Price/Sales is industry average (2.0) * total sales (750) => $1500M The valuation of Teabucks by Price/Cash Flow is industry average (20) * cash flow, which

Compute an evaluation for an IPO; number of shares and price

How many shares and at what price would you offer a firm whose valuation is: Valuation using P/E, Price/Sales, and Price/Cash Flow Ratio Industry Average 35*40=1,400 is P/E 750*2=1,500 is Price/Sales 85*20=1,700 is Price/Cash Flow Starbucks 52*40=2,080 is P/E 750*3.75=2,813 is Price/Sales 85*28=2,380 is Pric

Underwriting Costs Public Offering

Winston Sporting Goods is considering a public offering of common stock. Its investment banker has informed the compnay that the retail price will be $18 per share for 600,000 shares. The company will receive $16.50 per share and will incur $150,000 in registration, accounting and printing fees. a.) What is the spread on this

Threats to an IPO, merger, and aquisition.

Kudler is a gourmet/fine foods store which is a privately held company that wants to expand its operations. Kudler has three options for expansion; IPO, merge with another organization, or acquire another company in the same industry. Need 300 to 500 words on the following: What threats are associated with each option (IP

Solarium Inc: Benefits plan for health insurance coverage, but cost is soaring.

The solution discusses Solarium Inc. (IPO) is a two-year-old software development company. They did not provide any health benefit yet. They are planning to introduce health benefit and long term care benefit for their employees. However budgeted cost is soaring. What could be done by management do to benefits planning and de

East Coast Yachts Goes Public

'Modern Financial Management' I need someone assistance to answer the solution for the mini case in the attached document. East Coast Yachts Goes Public Larissa Warren and Dan Ervin have been discussing the future of East Coast Yachts. The company has been experiencing fast growth, and the future looks like clear sailing.

Finance: Explain IPO; help a company grow; merger vs IPO; cost of capital

What is an Initial Public Offering (IPO)? How does an IPO allow an organization to grow financially? When is a merger or an acquisition, rather than an IPO, a more appropriate way to grow? Select a recent IPO and use the Internet to identify the following characteristics of the selected IPO: a. Initial offering price

Annual Stockholder Report

Abel Athletics is preparing to release its first Annual Stockholder Report since the company's recent initial public offering (IPO). The accounting department has already prepared and provided the financial statements and ratios (see below) for the most recent year. Now all the division managers are meeting to help create the wr

Explain what a yield curve is, and the three different types of curves.

1. Explain what a yield curve is, and the three different types of curves. Explain Expectations Theory, and give an example. 2. Explain Liquidity Preference Theory, and give an example. 3.Explain Market Segmentation Theory, and give an example. 4. What is the I-Bond and why was it offered by the USD of Treasur

Home Depot IPO and TIE ratio

When did Home Depot have its IPO? Why did Home Depot decide to have an IPO when it had its IPO? what's Home Depot's TIE ratio? How does it compare to the industry average?

Generic Benchmarking Worksheet (MBA 520)

This Generic Benchmarking Worksheet includes 2 examples of each major section of the assignment: - Problem/Opportunity Statement - Generic Benchmarking: Topics - Generic Benchmarking: References