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Dixon Corporation Public Offering

Dixon Corporation is considering a public offering of common stock. The firm will offer one million shares of common stock for sale. The estimated selling price is $30 per share with Dixon Corp. receiving $26.25 per share after the offering. Registration fees are estimated at $275,000.

Use this information to answer the following:

What is the spread in percent?

What are the total expenses for the issue?

If Dixon Corp needs to generate $28 million, how many shares will have to be sold?

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1 - Spread in %.

We have net price = 26.25 and selling price =30

Then Spread in $ per common stock = Selling price - net price =30 -26.25 =3.75

Spread in % = (spread amount/selling price)*100 =(3.75/30)*100 = 12.5%

2 - ...

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