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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Vietnam's Market Potential

Vietnam's Market Potential Assess the market opportunities in Vietnam for both consumer-products companies and industrial-products companies. How well will goods "Made in Vietnam" fare in the United States? Determine which nation currently leads in foreign direct investment in Vietnam. What is the explanation for the ran


In a 250 word response discuss the climate for foreign investments in Europe, South America, and the Pacific Rim. What are the advantages of locating a production or distribution facility in each area? Be sure to use peer-reviewed journals to support your response. Also use APA 5th edition guidelines for in-text citations

Wal-Mart- International expansion in India

PLEASE FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY Resources:International Business pp.407-409 Wal-Mart Takes On The World Consider the following scenario: Your boss, the CEO of Wal-Mart, is interested in expanding operations into India. You have been asked to prepare a presentation for the company stakeholders that will inform them of th

Dell Computers - which to focus a cumulative Global Business Plan

Introduce your product, company and country with a mission statement and objectives. Next, briefly discuss the following: Much of this information is probably available in firms' annual report. - a. Introduction 1) Description of organization 2) Description of product/service b. Mission statement f

Why did Wal-Mart invest in Germany?

Scenario- You are a middle-level manager with a company that markets a line of personal and fabric care products. The American market for soap and detergent has always been dominated by name brand manufacturers, such as Procter & Gamble (TideTM), Colgate-Palmolive (AjaxTM) and CloroxTM. In fact, your market research shows tha

'Wal-Mart Takes on the World' Minicase

Consider the following scenario: Your boss, the CEO of Wal-Mart, is interested in expanding operations into India. You have been asked to prepare a presentation for the company stakeholders that will inform them of the status of the market in India. - Create a 7-to 12-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation detailing the find

Russian Cell Phone Issues

See the attached file. As a parable of the quirks of doing business in Vladimir Putin's Russia, the tale of the confiscated mobile phones is hard to beat. Last year 167,500 Motorola handsets were seized on arrival at a Moscow airport. They were variously alleged to be smuggled and counterfeit; to violate a Russian patent; and

Expanding Business Overseas Research

The organization that you work for is interested in expanding their business overseas. You have been asked to gather some preliminary information to help management decide on whether to pursue this idea further. I have located an article that I am trying to complete this paper on it's EBay Steps Back From Asia, Will Shutte

Global Business Questions

What is the primary cost of exchanging funds in the global exchange market? What are the characteristics of a free trade area? What is an advantage of a geographical organizational structure? The occurrence of a political coup in a foreign country should trigger what kind of decisions by the domestic headquarters management

T-Mobile Expansion to Cuba

The Company is T-Mobile and we are expanding our services into Cuba after Castro dies. 1) Political/legal/regulatory risks ------ > Barry 2) Exchange and repatriation of funds risks 3) Competitive risk assessment 4) Taxation and double taxation risks 5) Market (4 Ps) risks 6) Distribution/supply chain risks 7) Soci

Intro to Business - Turkey

Using the internet as the only source can you locate information regarding the business environment or business practices within Turkey. Need information regarding the business environment or business practices within a single business segment in Turkey (using business segments such as financial services, health care, heavy m

Country Analysis of Haiti and Guyana

Country Analysis I: Social, Cultural, Political, and Legal Factors Develop a country analysis for both Haiti and Guyana. This analysis should identify opportunities and threats that exist in the countries and offering possible solutions that other companies have used to adapt to or overcome them. Be sure to include an analysi


Could this "miracle" happen in other countries? Select a country and describe what would have to happen?


Discuss why FDI is bad for (i) developing economy and (ii) a developed economy and should be subjected to strict controls.

Country risk analysis

1. Should the types of investment become critical factors determining which economic and socio-political indicators are included in a specific country risk analysis? 2. Are windows of opportunity for investment in any given market a valid reason for MNCs to secure market access in those markets? 3. What is the relation between

Country Risk Analysis

1. Do the techniques used in country risk analyses illustrate clearly the distinction between correlation and cause and effect? 2. Will country risk analysis techniques help collect data only or will they also trend the data over time? 3. What is the impact of the legal and political environment on promising business opportuni

Overview of the Chinese Market

If I were to transition a medical manufacturing company that focused on medical equipment for treatment of medical refractory epilepsy and treatment resistant depression such as Cyberonics to China what key economic indicators would either refute or support my argument for company expansion. I understand that we as a company wo

Rates of Exchange

I understand that China operates an exchange regime that is best described as a "movable target-band" system. Meaning that while the Peoples Bank of China (PBOC) and the foreign exchange authorities are willing to let the rate against the $US vary within narrow limits, they are also willing to let that bank move. So if they all

Internatioanl business law, foreign investment regulation

Individual nations may have both written and unwritten policies regarding the regulation of investment in the country by foreign businesses. A foreign investor, first of all, must show that its proposed investment meets the criteria of the host state's foreign investment law. That does not, however, end the process of qualifying

International Business questions to gain a better understanding of topic

A. What are some of the basic issues a firm must confront when choosing an entry mode for a new foreign market? B. What is Foreign direct investment? Elaborate on its three basic forms (3 basic forms are Greenfield investment, Mergers and acquisitions, Horizontal and Vertical direct investment) What are the relative advantage

International trade and business

Briefly describe portfolio investments and foreign direct investment (FDI) How do they differ? What is international trade. Why does it occur? How do political factors influence international trade and investment? Explain the different techniques businesses can use to protect themselves from future changes in exchang

MNE capital

Identify an optimal capital structure for a multinational enterprise and determine an effective dividend policy.

Foundation of Problem-Based Learning

Evaluate your experience with the USAuto-AutoMex scenario by discussing the following questions: a. What have you learned so far in your exploration of the 9-step problem-solving model? What makes the model effective? b.What challenges are presented by the 9-step problem-solving model? What are some ways to overcome thos


I need to analyze the role of regional integration in promoting global business. Specifically I need to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration with CAFTA and the US. I also have to compare and contrast the economic development stages of Guatemela and the ramifications of any economic development. Wou


3-4 lines on role of US Shortly after World War I, the nations of the world returned to tracking the value of their currencies to the price of gold. This system lasted until the Great Depression era when nations suspended gold convertibility. what role did the United States play in all of this? 1 para on this Towar

International policies, regulation and supervision of foreign investments

Research international policies, regulation, and supervision of foreign investment. Select one topic from your research, and summarize your findings in 3-4 paragraphs. Write an additional paragraph addressing the following question: Has business globalization and the inception of e-commerce impacted the importance of such po