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    DuPont model

    The Eastern Division of XYZ, Inc., has operating income of $32,000 on sales revenue of $320,000. Divisional operating assets are $160,000 and management of XYZ has determined that a minimum return of 10% should be expected from all investments. (a.) Using the DuPont model, calculate the Eastern Division's margin, turnover, and

    8. Earnings per share

    8. Snow Cleaners, Inc., had net income of $494,592 for its fiscal year ended November 30, 2009. During the year, the company had outstanding 64,000 shares of 12 percent $40 par value preferred stock, and 37,280 shares of common stock. Calculate the earnings per share of common stock for the 2009 fiscal year.

    Calculate Current Break-Even Point in Units Sold, Revenue

    11. What is the purpose of the explanatory notes and other financial information that is presented in the annual report in conjunction with the financial statements? Describe three items that will be presented in this section of the annual report. 12. Preppy Co. makes and sells a single product. The current selling price is

    Calculate earnings

    Use the appropriate information from the data provided below for the year ended December 31, 2009 to calculate the following: a. Operating income b. Income from continuing operations c. Net income Cost of goods sold $11,700 Gen and admin expenses $48,000 Net cash provided by financing activities $69,000 Dividen

    Equity and Annual Cash Dividends

    Calculate the annual cash dividends required to be paid for each of the following preferred stock issuances: a. $2.40 cumulative preferred, no par value; 600,000 shares authorized, 470,000 shares issued, 28,000 shares held as treasury stock. b. 10 percent, $50 par value preferred; 200,000 shares authorized, 124,000 shares

    Study Guide Accounting Questions

    The following is Alsatia Corporation's contribution format income statement for last month: Sales $ 1,711,000 Variable expenses 991,200 ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Contribution margin 719,800 Fixed expenses 408,700 ________________

    Economic Order Quantity Calculations

    Sales are estimated to be 4,500 (d) units annually at $3,000 each. The cost of each unit for Taylor Incorporated is $1,200 (v). Inventory carrying cost is (c) 5% of the cost value of the device. Order placement (p) cost is $60. I need to know the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). I already have the equation I just not sure

    Hard To Read Sentences

    What are the characteristics of Hard-To-Read Sentences? a. Retain normal word order. b. Keep the subject and verb close to one another. c. Set off material that comes between the subject and the verb.

    AJ Accounting us of ABC Costing

    AJ Accounting performs two types of services, Audit and Tax. AJ's overhead costs consist of computer support, $200,000; and legal support, $100,000. Information on the two services is: Audit Tax Direct labor cost $50,000 $100,000 CPU minutes 40,000 10,000 Legal h

    Managerial accounting: 13 multiple choice questions

    See attached file for data and tables. 01. Which of the following statements is true with regard to product costs versus general, selling, and administrative costs? A) Product costs associated with unsold units appear on the income statement as general expenses. B) General, selling, and administrative costs appear on t

    Managerial accounting 15 multiple choice questions

    See attached file for data and tables. 1. Lazlo's Company provides the following standard cost data for one of its products: The fixed overhead spending variance is A. $2,500 unfavorable. B. $500 unfavorable. C. $2,500 favorable. D. $2,000 unfavorable. 2. The Rising Company provides the following standard cost i

    Managerial accounting: 30 multiple choice problems

    1. The Old Van Rental Company has 6 vans available for rent late on Wednesday night when the office gets a call from a small group of tourists wishing to rent 3 vans for the next day (one day rental). The daily rate that the rental company charges is $40 per van. However, the group is willing to pay just $30 per van. The compan

    Deferred tax assets, post-retirement benefit obligation

    1. (TCO 1) How are deferred tax assets arising from net operating loss carryforwards classified under SFAS 109? 2. (TC0 2/3) What is different about the expected postretirement benefit obligation and the accumulated postretirement benefit obligation? 3. (TCO 4) What is comprehensive income and how does it differ from net

    Account for alternative methods of reporting early extinguishment of debt

    Gains or losses from the early extinguishment of debt that is refunded can theoretically be accounted for in three ways: 1. Amortized over the life of old debt. 2. Amortized over the life of the new debt issue. 3. Recognized in the period of extinguishment. Discuss the supporting arguments for each of the three theo

    Accounting: Throughput accounting.

    Marshall, Inc., produces three products but weekly demand for the three products exceed the available amount of machine time. Following is information about each product: A B C Contribution margin per unit $300

    Accounting Assignment - checking account journal (Sara Sahara)

    Create journal and ledger entries. Use the reference numbers provided in your entries to cross-reference 13% HST applies. 1. On December 1, 2010 you start up a new paralegal practice by opening a general practice bank account and a trust bank account at your local bank. You deposit $25,000 of your own money in the general ban

    gift tax

    What is the annual amount that a donor can give to a recipient each year and not have to file a gift tax return? If the donor gives more than this amount, is the donor required to pay a gift tax? Recommend a tax strategy, other than giving only the annual exclusion amount, to minimize the gift tax.

    Gifts /income tax

    Are gifts subject to an income tax? Why or why not? What constitutes a gift?

    GASB Criteria in Governments

    5. How should governments report permanent fund and fiduciary fund balances and income in their government-wide statements? Explain. 10. How should an employer determine its annual pension cost? What minimum GASB criteria must it satisfy? response is 473 words

    FASB Statement Classification Assets

    What are the three classifications of net assets established by FASB Statement 117? How are these net assets affected by the existence or absence of donor-imposed restrictions? How are releases of these net assets accomplished? response is 401 words

    Earnings Multiplier Model

    You are provided the following information about Javier Corporation. Sales for the year 2004 were $500,000: the Net Profit Margin (NPM) was 15%. Analysts project sales to grow by 12% next year (that is 2005).However because of more competition, the NPM is expected to decline by 10% for the year 2004. The expected P/E multiple fo

    Calculate EPS for MacLog Company

    Consider the following information that you propose to use to obtain an estimate of year 2004 EPS for the MacLog Company: Year 2003 Estimated yr 2004 GDP 11,000 billion GDP growth

    Mott Manufacturing: In a one-cost pool, which product will be undercosted

    Mott Manufacturing allocates factory overhead using one cost pool with direct labor hours as the allocation base.Mott has two production departments, P1 and P2.The new accountant at Mott estimates that next year, the total factory overhead costs will be $5,000,000, and approximately 500,000 direct labor hours will be worked.The

    Balance Sheets Accumulated Depreciation

    Maverick Corp. Balance sheet at December 31 2008 2007 2008 2007 Cash $64,000 $58,000 Accounts payable $44,000 $41,000 Accounts receivable $46,000 $48,000 Wages payable $19,000 $13,000 Inventory $56,000 $59,000 Taxes payable $15,000 $10,000 Property, Plant & Equipment $265,000 $183,000 Long-term debt $150,

    Zero-balance account

    14.16 Zero-balance account Union Company is considering establishment of a zerobalance account. The firm currently maintains an average balance of $420,000 in its disbursement account. As compensation to the bank for maintaining the zerobalance account, the firm will have to pay a monthly fee of $1,000 and maintain a $300,000