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    Business Writing: What is the proper length for a paragraph?

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    Please explain how you develop paragraphs and what the norm for the length of paragraphs is.

    a. Topic sentence
    b. Supporting sentence
    c. Concluding sentence.

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    You develop a paragraph by deciding on your message. If you have several things to say, and they all require a bit of explanation, you have more than one paragraph. Paragraphs center on a single message or idea. For instance, let's say you want to discuss the three main parts of wine-tasting. Each of the three would be their own paragraph, provided you have more than one sentence to discuss about each. Paragraphs should not introduce new ideas not related to the central idea about paragraphs. For instance, this paragraph I am writing to you is about paragraphs. I should not start talking about proper use of commas. In a paragraph about wine, you would not introduce comments about skiing before wine tasting. In summary, a paragraph is an ...

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