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    ABC Health Care's insufficient record-tracking system

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    ABC Health Care's insufficient record-tracking system has created a backlog of incomplete medical records. The department has three open shelving units to store the incomplete records. The records are filed in straight numerical order and there is not enough room on the shelves so incomplete records are stacked on the floor. The department is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Deficiencies are listed on index cards and filed alphabetically by physician last name. Physicians need to ask someone to pull their cards and wait for the charts to be pulled. There are over 1,500 delinquent records, well over JCAHO rule for the number of discharges. The hospital's definition of a delinquent medical record is one that is incomplete for over 14 days. The Chief of the medical staff claims some hospitals in the community do not require physicians to come in to sign charts that only need signatures on dictated reports. He wants to know why ABC Health Care cannot have the same policy.

    Prepare a memorandum to the hospital administrator identifying the following:

    1. In order of priority, what are the major problems?
    2. The steps would you take to correct each identified problem.
    3. How would you address each of the identified problems?

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    To: The Hospital Administrator, ABC Health Clinic
    From: The Manager
    Date: December 28, 2010
    Subject: Problems in the ABC Health Clinic Information Systems;

    The major problems at ABC Health Clinic are that there are 1500 delinquent records. The number of these records is far higher than those allowed by the JCAHO rule. This makes the action of 1500 delinquent records illegal. The second problem s that there is insufficient record-tracking system that has created a backlog of incomplete medical records. The third problem is that that the records are filed in open shelves and at time on the floor. The fourth problem is that physicians are not able to retrieve their own records and have someone to pull the charts out. In this context, the physicians are unnecessarily asked to sign charts.

    The steps for addressing the problem regarding a large number of records s that the records should be completed by employing additional staff members, the ...

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