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    Operating cycle

    The operating cycle for a company is one year. Do you agree? Why or why not? Provide support for your opinion by giving an example to illustrate your argument.


    Which of the following are Section 1231 assets? Explain. Assume all the items have been held long-term. a. Machinery used in the business b. Personal home c. Factory building d. Land held as an investment e. Land used in a business f. Shares of stock in Jones Corporation g. Inventory h. Musical composition h

    Realized and recognized gain or loss in exchange

    Debbie Davis and Elizabeth Engels exchanged like-kind property. Debbie had an adjusted basis of $12,000 in her property (fair market value is $15,000). Elizabeth's property had an adjusted basis of $9,000, and a fair market value of $10,500, and Elizabeth gave Debbie $4,500 in cash. Determine Debbie's and Elizabeth's realized

    Recognized Income Tax Gain or Loss

    On April 18, 2010, Jane Juniper purchased 30 shares of Bryan Corp. stock for $210, and on September 29, 2010, she purchased 90 additional shares for $900. On November 28, 2010 she sold 48 shares, which could not be specifically identified, for $576 and on December 8, 2010, she sold another 25 shares for $188. What is recognized

    Productions Budgets

    1. Fantastic Futons go through two departments in the production process. Each futon requires two direct labor hours in Department A and one hour in Department B. the labor cost is $8 per hour in Department A, and $10 per hour in Department B. Assuming the amount budgeted to be produced in January is 30,000 units, what is th

    Production Budgets

    See attached Required: Prepare the following production budgets for July, August, and September for the Hale Company: 1. Production budget 2. Materials purchase budget 3. Direct labor budget 4. Overhead budget For the quarter (quarter totals only), prepare the: 5. Cost of goods manufactured budget

    3 Basic Accounting Questions

    Problem One: The following data have been gathered for Leigh Corporation for the month ended September 30, 2009. Prepare a bank reconciliation based on the following information: - The bank statement reveals a balance of $3,536. - The September 30, 2009, book balance was $3,200. - There was an EFT deposit of $1,800 on the b

    Net income or loss

    Assistance with calculating net income or loss Liabilities 320,000, decreased by 18,000, assets increased by 65,000, paid in capital increased from 30,000 to 192,000, dividends paid and declared 25,000 with a total year end of 429,000

    Calculate Retained Earnings: Example Question

    Please provide steps to calculate the retained earnings in 2010 using the following information: Retained earnings: 841, 200 Decrease in total 183, 200 liabilities: Gain on sale of building: 64, 400 Dividends declared and pd. in 2010:

    Bubba Manufacturing Inc. and JDE: Consolidation Problem.

    On January 1, 2006, (JDE) bought a 55% interest in Bubba Manufacturing, Inc. (BMI). JDE paid for the transaction with $3.5 million cash and 400,000 shares of JDE common stock (par value $1.00 per share). At the time of the acquisition, BMI's book value was $16,970,000. On January 1, JDE s

    Accounting equation with transactions analyzed on MS Excel file.

    Please fill out the attached balance sheet using the company information provided in the Excel file. The following are the transactions relating to the formation of Cardinal Mowing Services, Inc., and its first month of operations. a. The firm was organized and the owners invested cash of $600. b. T

    Balance of retained earnings

    On February 1, 2010, the balance of the retained earnings account of Blue Power Corporation was $630,000. Revenues for February totaled $123,000, of which $115,000 was collected in cash. Expenses for February totaled $131,000, of which $108,000 was paid in cash. Dividends declared and paid during February were $12,000. Req

    Shorewood Shoes Special Order Pricing: Calculate minimum price for order

    Shorewood Shoes Company makes and sells a variety of leather shoes for children. For its current mix of different models and sizes, the average selling price and costs per pair of shoes are as follows: Item Price $20 Costs: Direct materials $6 Direct labor 4 Variable manufacturing support 2 Variable selling suppo

    Fixed and Capital Assets

    1. On October 6,2011 Greenbelt Construction traded in an old tractor for a new truck, receiving a $56,000 trade in allowance and paying the remanning $164,000 in cash. The old tractor cost $190,000 and straight line amortization of $105,000 had been recorded as of October 6, 2011. Assume the fair value of the old tractor was equ

    Factory overhead

    Consider the following data regarding factory overhead: Variable Fixed Budget for actual hours of input $45,000 $70,000 Applied 41,000 64,800 Budget for standard hours allowed for actual output achieved ? ? Actual incurred 48,500 68,500 Using the above data, fill in the following blanks with the variance amounts. Use F fo

    Evaluating investment centers with residual income

    Lakeside Hospital is a division of Superior Healthcare organized as an investment center. In the past year, the hospital reported an after-tax income of $2,500,000.Total interest expense was $1,900,000,and the hospitals tax rate was 35 percent.Hospital assets totaled $33,000,000, and noninterest-bearing current liabilities were

    Compare Variance Costing

    Consider the following information pertaining to a year's operations of Youngstown Manufacturing: Units sold 1,400 Units produced 1,600 Direct labor $4,200 Direct materials used 3,500 Fixed manufacturing overhead 2,200 Variable manufacturing overhead 300 Selling and administrative expenses (all fixed) 700 Beginning inven

    Cost accounting problems: 4-2, 4-16, 4-19, 4-20, 4-21

    See attached file for clarity. 4- 2 How does a job-costing system differ from a process-costing system? 4- 16 Job costing, process costing. In each of the following situations, determine whether job costing or process costing would be more appropriate. a. A CPA firm l. A landscaping company b. An oil refinery

    Tax Accounting

    Like-Kind Property. Which of the following exchanges qualify as like-kind exchanges under Sec. 1031? a. Acme Corporation stock held for investment purposes for Mesa Corporation stock also held for investment purposes b. A motel used in a trade or business for an apartment complex held for investment c. A pecan orchard in Te

    Describing Time-Series Forecasting

    In general terms, describe what time-series forecasting models are. Explain, briefly, why the larger number of periods included in a moving average forecast, the less well the forecast identifies rapid changes in the variable of interest.

    Interest deduction for married people filing joint return

    Mike and Sally Card file a joint return for the 2010 tax year. Their adjusted gross income is $65,000 and they incur the following interest expenses: Qualified educations loans: $3,500 Personal Loan: $1,000 Home Mortgage Loan: $4,000 Loan used to purchase a variety of stocks, bonds, and securities: $15,000 Investme