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Actual Level of Activity

Gonzalez Manufacturing traced the following levels of activity to the products it manufactured during the first quarter of this year: Actual Level of Activity Activity Pool Cost per Activity Product A Product B Machine setups $50/setup 500 setups 600 Inspection

Traditional Cost Systems for Bimini Products Inc

Managers often make decisions about keeping or dropping a product after evaluating the probability of each product in the product line. Bimini Products Inc., recently completed an activity-based costing study. Management wished to compare the results with the cost data produced by their traditional cost system. Product data a

Per Production Run: Auto Detail Company

Auto Detail Company manufactures two basic types of production: vinyl and metallic adhesive-backed striping used by automobile manufacturers. The company traditionally has allocated manufacturing overhead to its product line using direct labor hours as a cost driver. More recently, the company has explored the use of two addit

Kudler Fine Foods

With the idea of an Executive Team having the desire to grow more rapidly and considder alternative strategies. 1. Give an example of an Environmental scan for a high end grocery store 2. Discuss and define the idea of internal and external environments Note- I am doing this based on the simulation of Kudler Fine Foods.

Accounting For Research and Development Expense

1. The following information is available for Barkley Company's patents: Cost $1,720,000 Carrying amount 860,000 Expected future net cash flows 800,000 Fair value 640,000 Barkley would record a loss on impairment of A.) $1,080,000. B.) $220,000. C.) $160,000. D.) $60,000. 2. Blue

Accounting: Digital Notes

A. What should do about its problem with bad digital notes? b. Should the company contract the recipients of the fraudulent orders? Explain why they should or should not. ** Please see the attached file for the complete description of the scenario **

Accounting: Ramwood Candy Problem

Please help with the given problem: A. How would you suggest that Ramwood solve its problem? b. Design a complete system that can protect Ramwood form importers. ** Please see the attached file for the complete problem scenario **

The Amount of Total Earning, Deductions, Cash & Payroll Taxes

The following information is for the employee Mary Ryan for the week ended March 15. Total year-to-date earnings as of March 8: $6,400 Total hours worked: 46 Rate: $20 pr hour with double time for all hours in excess of 40 Federal income tax withheld: $180 United fund deduction: $25 Tax rates: FICA: 7.5%

Earnings after Taxes

1.Earnings after taxes of $390,000 in the year 2006 with 300,000 shares outstanding.On January 1, 2007, the firm issued 25,000 new shares. Because of the proceeds from these new shares and other operating improvements, earnings after taxes increased by 20 percent. a. Compute earnings per share for the year 2006. b. Compute ear

A sample of twenty automobiles was taken, and the miles per gallon (MPG), horsepower and total weight were recorded. Develop a linear regression model to predict MPG using horsepower as the only independent variable. Develop another model with weight as the independent variable. Which of these two models is better? Explain.

A sample of twenty automobiles was taken, and the miles per gallon (MPG), horsepower and total weight were recorded. Develop a linear regression model to predict MPG using horsepower as the only independent variable. Develop another model with weight as the independent variable. Which of these two models is better? Explain.

Microeconomic perspective

Need help with completing a competitive analysis of General Motors (GM) position from a microeconomic perspective based on the pricing of the organization's primary product or service line, an assessment of its cost structure, and an assessment of the market in which the organization competes.

Minimum transfer price and internal transfer

Allcell Manufacturing is a division of Birch Communications, Inc. All cell produces cell phones and sells these phones to other communication companies, as well as to Birch. Recently, the vice president of marketing for Birch approached Allcell with a request to make 20,000 units of a special cell phone that could be used anywhe

Accounting Restructuring Charges

Hi can someone take a look at the below explanation for the reason why our restructuring charges decrease from Q1 vs. Q2? Does the explanation make sense? Does the wording sound good? The $8M (1768%) decrease in Restructuring Expenses is driven by cost savings initiatives that were put in place throughout Q1'09 that have slow

Solving a Financial Accounting Problem

Please help with the following financial accounting problem. Provide at least 100 words in the solution. Include a reference. What type of information does financial accounting provide?

Alternative Minimum Tax & Property Transactions

Question 1 All of a corporation's AMT is available for carryover as a minimum tax credit regardless of whether the adjustments and preferences originate from timing differences or AMT exclusions. True False Question 2 In calculating the adjusted basis of property, the basis is reduced by the lesser of the cost


During 2006, ABC Co purchased a building site for its proposed research and development laboratory at a cost of $60,000. Construction of the building was started in 2005. The building was completed on December 31, 2006, at a cost of $280,000 and was placed in service January 2, 2007. The estimated useful life of the building for

Accounting Reporting Criteria Paper (Shell Oil)

Prepare a 400 word paper in which you compare and contrast the accounting reporting criteria- regulatory environment of a U.S. company with a foreign company. We will be using Shell Oil and Valero Oil. Properly cite your references. If you used an electronic source, include the URL. If you used a printed source please attach

Tax Consequences of Incorporation

T was one of several individuals who transferred property to a new corporation in a section 351 exchange. T transferred the following property: Basis/FMV Accounts receivable 0/20,000 Machinery (D/recap = $10,000) 20,000/50,000 Capital Asset (LT H/

Tax consequences of incorporation

1. Pete pays $10,000 for 100 shares of stock in Fast Eddies, Inc. Briefly discuss the tax consequences of this transaction for Pete and Fast Eddies, Inc. 2. Pete bought land ten years ago for $2,000. Today the land has a value of $10,000 and Pete transfers it to Fast Eddies, Inc. for 100 shares in Fast Eddies, Inc. Brief

Absorption versus Variable Costing-Effects on Income

Rachel Yablonka assumed the responsibilities as executive manager of the Chair Division, Office Furniture and Fixtures, Inc. (OFF), on January 1, 2005, taking the place of her recently promoted predecessor. Rachel's own performance evaluation is directly tied to the division's annual net operating profit determined under absorpt

Return on investment, residual income, economic value

While many people recognize Sonora, Mexico as a beautiful vacation spot, it is also a large furniture manufacturing location in North America. Guillermo Navallez has made furniture for years near his Sonoran home. The area had a good supply of timber for the variety of tables and chairs produced by his company. Labor was also re

Phantasy, Inc. Account Receipt

Phantasy, Inc. is a research and development company that primarily develops and patents products. Phantasy, Inc. then licenses other companies to produce and sell the products. In return, Phantasy, Inc. receives royalties from these companies. In 2009, Phantasy, Inc. developed and patented a product and then licensed Thurbe

ABC system

This question should be answered in at least 200 words. Give four examples of activities and related cost-allocation bases that can be used in an ABC system to allocate costs to products, services, or customers.

Music Makers process costing: prepare a production report, compute unit cost

Assume Music Makers has begun to produce blank CDs for its use and for sale to outside customers, because the CDs are produced in a continuous process and are identical, management at Music Makers uses process costing. The unit of measure for Mucic Makers is a box of CDs. Management has gathered the following information from t

Multiple-Choice Questions on Recording Business Combinations

5. On June 30, 20X2, Pane Corporation exchanged 150,000 shares of its $20 par value common stock for all of Sky Corporation's common stock. At that date, the fair value of Pane's common stock issued was equal to the book value of Sky's net assets. Both corporations continued to operate as separate businesses, maintaining acco

Explain how behavioral phenomena may help effectiveness

You have been hired as a consultant to present a one-hour seminar before a group of investment and corporate professionals. The main part of your job is to explain how behavioral phenomena may help the attendees to become more effective decision makers. Furthermore, your presentation is even more focused; as your talk will b

Sage Company: Maintenance expense error in a prior year. What is the entry?

10. (1) In 2009, Sage Company discovered that a building addition completed December 30, 2006, at a cost of $360,000 was charged to building and maintenance expense in error. The cost should have been charged to the buildings account. At December 31, 2009, the building addition had 22 years of life remaining and a $100,000 resid

Common Stock Value

P7-11 Common stock value-Constant growth Elk County Telephone has paid the dividends shown in the following table over the past 6 years. Year Dividend per share 2006 $2.87 2005 2.76 2004 2.60 2003 2.46 2002 2.37 2001 2.25 The firm's dividend per