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Annual Percentage Discount Rate

Scrimpy Corporation buys materials from Frugal Enterprises. Frugal offers discount terms of 2/10, net 30. Assuming a 360-day year, what is the annual percentage rate associated with Scrimpy's failure to take advantage of the discount terms offered by Frugal?

Joint process

When a product is the result of a joint process, the decision to process the product past the splitoff point further should be influenced by a the total amount of the joint costs. b the portion of the joint costs allocated to the individual products. c the extra revenue earned past the splitoff point.

Deciding Whether the Red Car Division Should Accept the Offer

Autocar Company manufactures automobiles. The Red Car Division sells its red cars for $25,000 each to the general public. The red cars have manufacturing costs of $12,500 each for variable and $5,000 each for fixed costs. The division's total fixed manufacturing costs are $25,000,000 at the normal volume of 5,000 units. The

Importance of the distinction between deduction for AGI and from AGI

1) Why is the distinction between deductions for AGI and deductions from AGI important for individuals? 2) Al Capone's conviction in the mid 1930s has caused mobsters and illegal gangsters to rethink keeping detailed records. Why? When can you take deductions for bribes and kickbacks?

Capitalized Costs, Capital Goods and Capital Gains

1) Vincent pays $20,000 for equipment to use n his trade or business. He pays sales tax of $800 as a result of the purchase. Must the $800 tax be capitalized as part of the purchase price? 2) Your friends tells you that the capital gains tax is discriminatory in that it is imposed upon individuals who can afford to buy capita

Determining the Break Even Point and Ticket Price per Person

** Please see the attached file for the properly formatted problem description ** The Hartford Symphony Guild is planning its annual dinner-dance. The dinner-dance committee has assembled the following expected costs for the event: Dinner (per person) $7 Favors and program (per person) $4 Band $1,898

Compute Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for Amir for the year in which he retired.

Adjusted Gross Income. Amir, who is single, retired from his job this year. He received a salary of $25,000 for the portion of the year that he worked, tax-exempt interest of $3,000, and dividends from domestic corporations of $2,700. On September 1, he began receiving monthly pension payments of $1,000 and Social Security payme

Kiddie Tax

Debbie is 24 years old and a dependent of her parents. She earns $4,200 working part-time and receives $2,200 interest on savings. She saves both the salary and interest. What is her taxable income? Would her taxable income or tax be different if Debbie were 16 years old?


As a result of their divorce, Fred agrees to pay alimony to Tammy of $20,000 per year. The payments are to cease in the event of Fred's or Tammy's death or in the event of Tammy's remarriage. In addition, Tammy is to receive their residence, which cost them $100,000 but is worth $140,000. a. Does the fact that Tammy receives

Manufacturing Overhead Rate and Operating Profits

Techniques, Inc. uses a predetermined manufacturing overhead rate based on direct labor hours to apply its indirect product costs to jobs. The following information has been collected for the previous year: Direct materials $150,000 Direct labor 200,000 Sales commissions 100,000 Indirect labor 50,000 Rent on office equi

Capital Investment Decisions

What level of management would be involved in making capital investment decisions? Why? Why are these decisions more critical than day-to-day decisions made by individuals and companies?

Selling Price and Contribution Margins

Meyers Corp. has annual revenues of $450,000, an average contribution margin ratio of 35%, and fixed expenses of $175,000. See attached file for calculation instructions. See the attached file.

Accounting for Arch Company

Assume that the current ratio for Arch Company is 2.5, its acid-test ratio is 1.5, and its working capital is $370,000. Answer each of the following questions independently, always referring to the original information. Required: (a) How much does the firm have in current liabilities? (Round your answer to the nearest dol

Simpson Corporation After-tax cash flow from sale of asset

Please use the attachment to answer this question. Simpson Corporation has taxable income of $300,000 and an income tax rate of 34%. Simpson is considering selling an asset whose original cost is $20,000, with $12,000 of it depreciated. How much total after-tax cash will be generated from the sale of the asset for $18,000?

Analyzing costs reductions at Dell, Inc.

See attached files. Analyzing costs reductions at Dell On May 31, 2007, Dell Inc. announced it was making several changes to the way it did business in order ". . . to restore competitiveness to the core business, re-ignite growth, and build solutions critical to customer needs." As one of the changes the company: Initiat

Accounting Financial Ratios and Analysis

Problem One: Mason Company has a product that sells for $20 per unit. The variable expenses are $12 per unit, and fixed expenses total $30,000 per year. Required: (a). What is the total contribution margin at the break-even point? (b). What is the contribution margin ratio for the product? (c). If total sales increase by $

Installment Method & Cost Recovery

On December 15, 2011, Rigsby Sales Co. sold a tract of land that cost $3,600,000 for $4,500,000. Rigsby appropriately uses the installment sale method of accounting for this transaction. Terms called for a down payment of $500,000 with the balance in two equal annual installments payable on December 15, 2012, and December 15, 20

Predetermined overhead rates problem

Please help answer the following accounting question. How often should the predetermined overhead rate be reviewed by management for accuracy - monthly, quarterly or annually? Explain.

Variance Analysis Illustrated

Variance Analysis. Discuss and illustrate analysis using data that you create. What type of meaningful conclusion can emerge from variance analysis? Explain.

Explanation of batch data vs real time processing

Please help me with an assignment on processing in the food and hospitality industry by answering the given problem: Compare and contrast the advantages/disadvantages of batch data processing and real-time processing.

St. Mark's Hospital Occupancy Rates, Variable Costs, Fixed Costs

See attached file for clarity. St. Mark's Hospital contains 450 beds. The average occupancy rate is 78% per month. In other words, on average, 78% of the hospital's beds are occupied by patients. At this level of occupancy, the hospital's operating costs are $21.10 per occupied bed per day, assuming a 30-day month. This $21.1

Pension: expected annual retirement income

Delbert Ray is planning to retire this year and draw upon the accumulated saving in his pension plan, which amount to $205,800. Mr.Ray is vested with 80 percent of the accumulated funds and, based on his life expectancy, has been promised an annual annuity (income) rate of 3.5 percent. What is Delbert Ray's expected annual retir