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Kirsi Products: Calculate ROI and RI (residual income)

Fred Halloway, East Division Manager: "I know headquarters wants us to add on that new product line, but I want to see the numbers before I make a move. Our division has led the company for three years, and I don't want any letdown now." Kirsi Products is a decentralized company with four autonomous divisions. The divisions a

Tax Effects and Method for Changing from partnership to corp.

The partners of JPG Partnership want to change the form of entity from a partnership to a corporation. The corporation can be formed in several ways: The partnership can distribute the assets to the partners who then contribute the assets to the corporation. The partnership can transfer the assets directly to the corporation. Th

Compute basic EPS, diluted EPS, book value per share

As an analyst you have gathered the following information about a company for the year ended December 31, 2009: ? Net income was $10.5 million. ? Stockholders' equity at December 31, 2009 was $100 million. ? Common stock dividends of $3.5 million were paid. ? 20 million shares of common stock were outstanding on January 1,20

Problem 10-13A, Kramer Industries

Problem 10-13A Return on Investment (ROI) and Residual Income; Decentralization (LO1,LO2) Kramer Industries produces tool and die machinery for manufacturers. Several years ago the company acquired Douglas Steel Company, one of its suppliers of alloy steel plates. Kramer Industries decided to maintain Douglas's separate identit

Research and discuss the value of a CMA vs CPA certification

Access the website of the Institute of Management Accountants, Read in the website about the IMA and what management accounting is about (see menu on left at home page). Also read about the process and advantages of the Certified Management Accountant professional designation. Write a summary of this info

Operating leverage and operating income

Please complete the attachment. Exercise 6-8 Per Unit Total Sales 100% $120,000 Variable Costs 70% 84,000 Contribution margin 30% 36,000 Fixed expense 24,000 Net operating income $12,000 This time we are using the contribution margin percentage, rather than per unit. Req. 1--Show you

Assistance with this assignment

Performance Reports: below is a performance report that compares budgeted and actual profit in the sporting goods department of Maxwell's department store for the month of December. Maxwell's department store Sporting Goods Performance Report December 2008 Budget

10 multi choice tax: dependents, after-tax economic effect, investigation expenses, entertainment deductions, contributions, general business credit, basis, capital gain, tax credits

Practice problems, see file attached. Question 1: Merle furnishes more than 50% of the support of her son and daughter-in-law, who live with her. If the son and daughter-in-law file a joint return, then Merle might be able to claim them as dependents under certain circumstances. A. True B. False Question 2: Albert is in

Push & Pull Approaches, Spoilage, Cost Allocations & Outsourcing

A. Traditionally, companies in the United States have employed a "push" manufacturing style. Studies in Activity Based Management and Quality Control have indicated that this approach is filled with many non-value-added activities, which increase overall costs and reduce profits. The "push" style is being replaced with a "pull"

Security Guard for ABC Inc.: Torts and Liability Among Companies

Walter, a security guard for ABC inc, learns that Steve, a new employee of ABC, really works for a competitor of ABC. Walter takes Steve to a small soundproof room where he keeps him for six hours. During this time, Walter continues to ask Steve what he is doing at ABC and what information he has given the competitor. Walter tel

Earnings Before Interest and Taxes-Earnings Per Share

What is Earnings Before Interest and Taxes-Earnings Per Share (EBIT-EPS) analysis? What is the indifference curve? How is risk factored into the EBIT-EPS analysis? What are basic shortcomings of EBIT's analyses? 300 words

Multiple choice accounting questions

1. The ACE Company has five plants nationwide that cost $100 million. The current market value of the plants is $500 million. The plants will be recorded and reported as assets at a. $100 million. b. $600 million. c. $400 million. d. $500 million. _____ 2. A basic assumption of accounting that requires acti

Accounting questions/Bonds

The Nakoma Group (an electronics consulting firm) issued $30,000,000 in bonds in 2003 to finance the building of their new corporate headquarters in San Diego, California. in 2003 they also made the first interest payment of $1,200,000 in semiannual interest on the bonds. How would this activity been shown on the 2003 stateme

Accounting questions: statement of cash flows, bond prices and more...

1.The two methods of preparing the statement of cash flows differ in the preparation of which section? a. Operating b. Investing c. Financing d. Notes to the financial statement e. None of the other answers 2.Laghenfeld Miller bought $30,000 worth of 8% semiannual bonds at 98 in the City of San Diego. How much did Lagh

True/False on Stock, Equity, Financial Analysis, Risk, Leverage, Ratios

Chapter 5 15. For the risk-seeking manager, no change in return would be required for an increase in risk. 16. For the risk-averse manager, the required return decreases for an increase in risk. 17. For the risk-indifferent manager, no change in return would be required for an increase in risk. 18. Most managers

Herron Electronics - ABC System

Herron Electronics produces video games in three market categories, commercial, home, and miniture. Herron has traditionally allocated overhead costs to the three products using the companywide allocation base direct labor hours. The company recently implemented an ABC system when it installed computer-controlled assembly statio

Accounting changes and error corrections

Artsfoh Corporation purchased manufacturing equipment in 2004 for $4,000,000. The equipment was expected to have a useful life of 20 years with a salvage value of $500,000. Artsfoh used double-declining balance depreciation from 2004 through 2007. A full year's depreciation was taken in the first year. In early 2008, however,

Compute factory overhead rate; prepare flexible budget; determine variances

Question 1) Arlon Co. manufactures three types of cookies. Fluffs, Crinkles, and Snaps. The production process is relatively simple, and factory overhead costs are allocated to products using a single plant-wide factory rate based on direct labor hours. Information for the month of May 2008, Arlon's first month of operatio

three sectors of an economy

Describe a scenario for the production and consumption of a product that involves all three sectors of an economy. Explain what each sector contributes to the transactions and what each sector receives. Which sector benefits the most from the transactions involved and why? The three sectors of an economy are business,

Compare the liquidation of 3 investments for greatest after tax amount.

Please help with the following problem. Consider three investors who need to partially liquidate investments to raise cash. In this case all investments have been held for 3 or more years. Investor A waited for a $1,500 qualified dividend distribution from her mutual fund, and investor B received $1,500 in interest income fr

Cost drivers; Compute allocation rate for indirect cost

The owner of the gym Mr. Ripple, has notified division managers that their job performance evaluations will by highly influenced by their ability to minimize costs. The gym has three division weight lifting, aerobics and spinning. The owner has formulated a report showing how much it cost to operate each of three divisions last

Introduction to Accounting Information Systems

1. Why do auditors prepare analytic flowcharts of processing systems? 2. Is flow charting useful in analyzing the resources required to implement a system? If so, explain its benefits towards implementing a system.

Standard versus budget, optimum levels, variances, WIP

Question 1 Consider the following statements. Statement A: A standard is a unit amount. Statement B: A budget is a total amount. Option 1: Statement A is true and Statement B is false Option 2: Statement A is false and Statement B is true Option 3: Both Statements A and B are true Option 4: Both Statements A and B

Partnership Liquidation - ABC Partnership

Partnership Liquidation The balance sheet of the ABC partnership just prior to liquidation appears below: ABC PARTNERSHIP Balance Sheet December 31, 2010 Assets Liabilities and Owners' Equity Cash $ 70,000 Liabilities $120,000 Noncash assets 190,000 Agler, Capital 20,000 Bell, Capital 80,000 Colaw, Capital

Accounting Problem: Don's aunt Natalie gave him a house

Please help with the following problem. Provide step by step calculations. During the current year, Don's aunt Natalie gave him a house. At the time of the gift, the house had a FMV of $42,000 and his aunt's adjusted basis was $32,000. After deducting the annual exclusion, the amount of the gift was $30,000. His aunt paid

I:8-13 Passive activities rules for Laura's rentals; Kami's partnerships

I:8-13 Which of the following activities are considered passive for the year? Explain. Consider each situation independently. a. Laura owns a rental unit that she rents out to students. The rental unit is Laura's only business and she spends approximately 875 hours per year managing, collecting the rent, advertising, and

Spain Inn: method of financing to maximize EPS, stock issue or debt

1. Spain Inn has a total value of $21 million. Its stock sells at $32 a share. At present, it has a loan of $5 million at 8% interest. It needs $3 million to renovate the building. It can get the financing by selling 100,000 shares of stock at $30 (net) per share, or by borrowing the money at 9% interest. The expected EBIT after

Holding Period Return, After Tax HPR, Jensen Alpha, etc.

Scenario: Mary and Nick Stalcheck have an investment portfolio containing 4 vehicles. The portfolio contains common stock, industrial bonds, mutual fund shares and options. They are interested in measuring the return on their investment and assessing how well they have done relative to the market. They hope that the return e

Effect of large transaction; Compute Global's EBIT, income, P/E

1. Suppose your firm receives a $5 million order on the last day of the year. The customer picks up the entire order the same day and pays $1 million in upfront in cash; you also issue a bill for the customer to pay the remaining balance of $4 million within 30 days. Suppose your firms tax rate is 0 (ignore taxes). Determine the