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    Johansen tax deduction for payroll and related taxes

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    For the current month, Johansen Rubber Cement Co. incurred
    payroll expenses as follows:

    Gross salaries and wages $675,000
    Payroll Taxes:
    OASDI (Social Security Tax) employer's share $41,850
    HI (Medicare tax)--employer's share $9,788

    Total: $726,638

    Amounts withheld and paid to the government:
    Employee income taxes withheld $(108,990)
    OASDI--employees's share $(41,850)
    HI--employees's share $(9,788)

    Total: $(160,628)

    a. What amount can Johansen Rubber Cement Co. claim as a tax deduction for
    salary and wage expense?

    b. How much can Johansen Rubber Cement Co. deduct as tax expense?

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    a. Johansen Rubber Cement Co can claim the total amount of the gross salaries and wages plus the employer share of tax expense over and above the gross ...

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    The solution calculates the amount that Johansen Rubber Cement can claim as a tax deduction for salary and wage expense plus employer payroll tax expense.