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Payroll calculations

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The following information is for the employee Mary Ryan for the week ended March 15.

Total year-to-date earnings as of March 8: $6,400

Total hours worked: 46

Rate: $20 pr hour with double time for all hours in excess of 40

Federal income tax withheld: $180

United fund deduction: $25

Tax rates:

FICA: 7.5%

State unemployment: 5.4% on maximum earnings of $7,000; on employer
Federal unemployment: 0.8% on maximum earnings of 47,000; on employer

A. Determine 1.) total earnings 2.) total deductions, and 3.) cash paid

B. Determine each of the employer's payroll taxes related to the earnings of Mary Ryan for the week ended March 15.

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A. Determine 1.) total earnings

Total earnings are based on the hours worked. Total hours are 46 of which 40 are regular hours and 6 is overtime. The regular rate is $20 per hour and overtime rate is double at $40 per hour.
Total ...

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The solution explains step-by-step ho to calculate the amount of total earnings, total deductions, cash paid and employer's payroll taxes.

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How do you do the payroll calculations for Betty's wages: groww earnings, FICA taxes, federal and state income taxes withheld and net pay.

ED-1 Betty Williams' regular hourly wage rate is $14.00, and she receives a wage of 11⁄2 times the regular hourly rate for work in excess of 40 hours. During a March weekly pay period Betty worked 42 hours. Her gross earnings prior to the current week were $6,000. Betty is married and claims three withholding allowances. Her only voluntary deduction is for group hospitalization insurance at $15.00 per week.

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(5) Net pay.
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Attached is the with Holding table.

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