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change in accounting principle

1. Under what conditions is a change in the method of depreciation treated as a change in accounting principle? 2. What is the new codification(s) that answers this question? 3. Provide a real world example.

USA Company's Box Division: Transfer Pricing at Full Capacity

The USA Company's Box Division produces cardboard boxes used for packaging microwavable fast foods. The Consumer Products Division produces a variety of fast-food entrees that are packaged in boxes. In the past the Consumer Products Division has purchased its boxes from the Box Division for .15 each. The Box Division currentl

Product cost: East Company

East Company's manufacturing costs for 2008 are as follows: Direct materials $100,000 Direct labor $200,000 Depreciation of factory equipment $50,000 Other fixed manufacturing overhead $75,000 What amount should be considered product costs for external reporting purposes?

Landes Excavating Company: Compute the Contribution Margin per unit

The Landes Excavating Company experienced the following costs in 2007: Direct materials $1.75/unit Direct labor $2.00/unit Variable manufacturing overhead $2.50/unit Variable selling $.75/unit Fixed manufacturing overhead $50,000 Fixed selling $15,000 Fixed administrative $5,000 During the year the company manufactured 100,000 u

PeeWee Company Variable Costing

Last month, PeeWee Company manufactured 20,000 units and sold 18,000 of these units at a price of $8.00 per unit. Manufacturing costs consisted of direct labor, $30,000; direct materials, $32,000; variable manufacturing overhead, $3,600; fixed manufacturing overhead, $21,600. Selling and administrative costs totaled $24,000.

Executive summary for Barnes and Noble questions

Respond to the Discussion Questions posted by your instructor. The questions I need answered are for the company Barnes and Nobles. A conclusion for the information will be greatly appreciated too. g. What were the company's total assets at the end of its two (2) most recent annual reporting periods? n. What was the ch

Nickels Company (calculate actual return and unexpected gain on plan assets)

R25). Use the following information for questions I through III below. The following data are for the pension plan for the employees of Nickels Company. ....................................................... 1/1/07..... 12/31/07..... 12/31/08 Accumulated benefit obligation $7,500,000 $7,800,000 $10,200,000 Projected bene

Dividend and Investment Account

Hello, I started on this problem, but I think I am doing it wrong. Can someone show how to do this? I have attached an excel file to make it easier to read. Fill in the dollar changes caused in the Investment account and Dividend Revenue or Investment Revenue account by each of the following transactions, assuming Maxey Co

Earnings Per Share & Diluted

Hello, I am having trouble with my computations, can someone help? I am really lost on the diluted EPS. I have attached a file that shows the problem better. Assume that the following data relative to Eddy Company for 2004 is available: Net Income $1,400,000 Transactions in Common Shares Change Cumulative Jan. 1

Brown Company: Estimate cash receipts for May

Brown Company has found that 30% of its sales are collected in the month of the sale and the remainder of the sales is collected in the next month. If sales are expected to be $100,000 in April, $120,000 in May, and $80,000 in June, what is the estimated amount of cash receipts for May.


I am a bit confused in determining the incremental profit for the production. Do I calculate for 25,000 Lops or do I calculate for 20,000 Lops and then add the cost of the 5,000 Lops for the special order. I have been searching your solution library and could not find an example so that i can follow it. Your solutions are a bit

Various Accounting Type Problems

1. Buying stock in a corporation is attractive to investors because: A. Stockholders are not liable for the corporation's actions and debts. B. Stock is easily transferred. C. A corporation has unlimited life. D. Shareholders are not agents of the corporation. E. All of the above. 2. The carrying value of a long-term n


1. Management accounting A. focuses on estimating future revenues, costs, and other measures to forecast activities and their results. B. provides information about the company as a whole. C. reports information that has occurred in the past that is verifiable and reliable. D. provides information that is generally

Special Order Accounting

Peirzynski Manufacturing Corporation produces a single product, the Utility Knife. Budgeted amounts for the coming year are as follows: Revenues (20,000 units at $12 each) $240,000 Direct material 40,000 Direct labor 70,000 Variable manufacturing overhead 50,000 Fixed manufacturing overhead 30,000 Net income $ 50,000 Podsednik C

Accounting: taxable income, standard deductions, taxes and more

1. A single taxpayer provided the following information for 2007: Salary $40,000 Interest on local government bonds $4,000 (qualifies as a tax exclusion) Allowable itemized deductions $8,000 What is taxable income? a. $28,600 b. $31,600 c. $32,000 d. $32,600 2. Lewis, who is single, is claimed as a dep

Variable Overhead Variances

Exercise 10-4 Variable Overhead Variances [LO4] Order Up, Inc., provides order fulfillment services for merchants. The company maintains warehouses that stock items carried by its clients. When a client receives an order from a customer, the order is forwarded to Order Up, which pulls the item from storage, pack

Important information about Material Variances

Exercise 10-2 Material Variances [LO2] Harmon Household Products, Inc., manufactures a number of consumer items for general household use. One of these products, a chopping board, requires an expensive hardwood. During a recent month, the company manufactured 4,000 chopping boards using 11,000 board feet of hardwood. The hardwo

Legal Problems and Unpaid Creditors

Frank Pierce is the sole stockholder and director of Ajax, Inc., a construction company in Anytown, U.S.A. Times are getting tough, and Frank is worried about his finances. He is mostly worried about keeping up the mortgage payments on his relatively new home that he purchased during the housing boom. The house, which is titl

Stock Redemption and Non-Liquidating Distributions

1. Describe the mechanics of a stock redemption. 2. A stock redemption may be viewed either as a distribution or as a sale/exchange. From a tax perspective, which view is more advantageous for the shareholder and why? 3. List the four circumstances when redemption is tax-advantaged. 4. What is a stock dividend? 5. What

Advanced Federal Taxation

Monroe, a 1/3 partner with a basis in the interest of $60,000 at the beginning of the year, received a guaranteed payment in the current year of $40,000. Partnership income before consideration of the guaranteed payment was $25,000. Monroe must report a $5,000 ordinary loss from partnership operations, and the $40,000 guaranteed

Accounting Case Study Questions

Any 7 of the following 10 questions may be answered: 1. If a digging dog found some deadly dirt, what government agency would you contact about it? Why would you contact the agency you have named? 2. Michael and Lisa were married in 1980 and immediately moved into a house that was titled in Michael's name only. In 1982, Lisa

Managerial Acct

Tatman Corp. uses an activity-based costing system with the following 3 activity cost pools: Activity Cost Pool Total Activity Fabrication...................10,000 machine-hours Order processing..............800 orders Other.........................Not applicable The Other activity cost pool is used to accumulat

Managerial Accounting (ABC Company)

ABC Company's total overhead costs at various levels of activity are presented below: Machine Hours Total Overhead Costs March 60,000 $216,800 April 50,000 $194,000 May 70,000 $239,600 June 80,000 $262,400 Assume that the overhead costs above consist of utilities, supervisory salaries, an

Fritzell Co. Current Income Taxes and Deferred Tax Asset

Frizell Co. at the end of 2007, its first year of operations, prepared a reconciliation between pretax financial income and taxable income as follows: Pretax financial income $ 750,000 Estimated litigation expense 1,000,000 Extra depreciation for taxes (1,500,000) Taxable income $ 250,000 The estimated litigation e

System Implementation

(a) For each of the observed reactions, indicate whether they are functional or dysfunctional behavioral responses. Explain your answer in each case. (b) Assuming that one or more of the preceding were dysfunctional, recommend procedures the company could employ to eliminate the dysfunctional behavior and to prevent its recu

System Development

Design a system that would collect data on a daily basis at the central office regarding the need for food supplies by the individual stores. Your system should incorporate a database that keeps track of the sales and inventories for food supplies at individual stores. Your answer should be expressed in general terms. It is not


The Poster Company intends to redesign its purchasing system from the point in time when an item needs to be ordered until payment is made. The system should be designed to ensure that all the proper controls are incorporated into the system. (a) Identify the internally and externally generated documents that would be require

Calculate Check digits using Modulus 11

This question requires using the check-digit formula presented in this chapter. (a) Calculate check digits for teh following hypothetical account numbers: 4388, 5100, and 9106. (b) Verify the following codes (which include a check digit): 10307, 50008, and 22222. SEE ATTACHED EXPLANATION OF CHECK DIGIT.