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    Research Methods and Experimental Design

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    Hypothetical Experiments

    Hypothetical experiment 1. If you were to search around your house for any products that you use in your house that list the following what would they be: a. Keep out of reach of children b. Precautionary statements - hazards to humans and domestic animals c. Do not use around water, do not apply directly to water d. D

    Need article recommendations

    Can you give me some recommendations on a peer review article and a popular press article? Start work on Peer Review Article Vs. Popular Press Article. I have to prepare a paper by obtaining a recent (less than 6 months old) article from the popular press (newspaper or magazine) and then look up a peer reviewed journal ar

    Osmosis finding the concentration of potato cell sap

    I need results for the experiment of osmosis by only changing the concentration outside the potato. But using the values volume of the total solution 20cm cubed the potato just using a normal cork borer cutting the pieces of potato to 2 cms for the results I need 5 results to be taken 3 times at a range of pure water to 2 m

    Examples of possible hypothethical grant proposal experiements

    This is not real, but mearly a non-fiction scenario: In isolating a novel protein from th esynapse of a cocroach that I have discovered, I get to name it too. Using immunohistochemistry, I determine that the chemical is found in axon terminals. Thus, I suspect that it might have something t do with synaptic release of vessicle

    How to conduct a digital literature review

    The internet can be a great resource for scientific information, however you need to make sure your internet sources are reliable and the information you gain from them is truthful. The advent of the internet also allows students a unique opportunity to search through databases of scientific peer reviewed journals online and of

    How to write a laboratory report using standard biological science format

    Learning to write a laboratory report is often a hard frustrating task for students. Lab reports must be written following a specific format and must be clear and concise. This type of writing is much different than what is expected from you in other courses. The following solution outlines the sections of laboratory reports

    Cell Biology and its Internal Components

    1. Identify two different types of organisms that you have seen interacting, such as bees and flowers. Now form a simple hypothesis about this interaction. Use the scientific method and your imagination to design an experiment that tests this hypothesis. Be sure to identify variables and a control for them. 1A Select a mole

    What should I have seen in this experiment with two potato slices?

    I placed one potato slice in tape water and the other in a salt solution. What is the difference in the texture of the potatoe slices? I didn't see a change. But the next question that was asked was, What happened to the potato slice in the salt solution to cause the observed change? I couldn't answer this question because I did

    Biostatistics Question on Research Article

    I have attached an research article. I need to know - what is the experimental design used in this article? Is this an appropriate experimental design and why? - what statistical tests were used and were they appropriate and why?

    Analysis of simple flow cytometry data plots.

    1. What type of immune cells are displayed in this plot? (See attachment for plot) 2. In advanced HIV disease the percentage of cells in which population would be reduced? (See attachment for plot) 3. How many populations of cells are visible in this plot? (See attachment for plot)

    I do not understand how to work with UV beads.

    My science teacher gave me 10 "beads" that have an unusual property... they change color: purple, pink, green etc, with sunlight. My assignment is to investigate this special property of the beads, and try to determine how they do what they do. I must design and conduct, at home, two original controlled experiments pertainin

    Guide to science lab reports

    Writing a good lab report in biology requires good organization and knowing what to include in each of the sections.

    MRNA analysis

    Describe 3 ways of measuring changes in mRNA expression and provide an explanation of how each one works. Does the method measure mRNA synthesis, degradation, or levels?

    Microscopy: total magnification, depth of field

    Question 1: When you move from a low powered objective to high powered objective does: magnification increase; depth of field, decrease, field of view, decrease, and brightness of field, decrease? Question 2: How do you calculate total magnification of a specimen viewed by a light microscope? What is the total magnificat