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What should I have seen in this experiment with two potato slices?

I placed one potato slice in tape water and the other in a salt solution. What is the difference in the texture of the potatoe slices? I didn't see a change. But the next question that was asked was, What happened to the potato slice in the salt solution to cause the observed change? I couldn't answer this question because I didn't see a change. Then it was hard for me to answer if the salt solution and the water was more nearly isotonic, hypotonic, or hypertonic with respect to the cells of the potato?
And what was the control?

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All of these results do depend on the concentration of the salt solution. When I teach this lab, we use a 20% NaCl solution. I\'ll explain why later!

Usually there is an observable change in the potato slices. The easiest way to see change is to take the mass of the slices and note the change in mass. If you do that, the potato in water will either remain the same or slightly increase in mass. The potato in salt solution will decrease in ...