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Hypothetical Experiments

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Hypothetical experiment

1. If you were to search around your house for any products that you use in your house that list the following what would they be:

a. Keep out of reach of children
b. Precautionary statements - hazards to humans and domestic animals
c. Do not use around water, do not apply directly to water
d. Do not use around food (avoid contamination of food and foodstuffs)
e. Any other precautionary statements that I may have missed

2. Prepare a BRIEF chart
a. List the product, what you use it for and where, and how frequently you use it
b. If it lists the ingredients, are there inert ingredients and petroleum distillates- and if there are, list the estimated percentage
c. List any of the precautions on the product

I am unclear and need to be looking for those products that you use INSIDE of a house and that includes any products that you store in the garage but use in the house. Remember, residues from your yards are carried into your house on your shoes and by your cats and dogs. And, if children crawl in the yard, residues are on their clothing, hands and shoes. The chart needs to identify the inert ingredients and the warnings.

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1. a) Children, being small, tend to search through cupboards under the kitchen sink. In particular, they have a desire for sweet things like coca-cola and sugar. So any bottles containing detergent, poisons, etc. should not be ...

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