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    Enzyme, Catalysts and Reactions

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    Enzyme superoxide dismutase and electrostatic potential

    SOD is a diffusion-limited enzyme. What does it mean by "diffusion-limited enzyme"? Why will enzyme has electrostatic potential? Where are they from? What's the probable use of the enzyme's electrostatic potential? Is this enzyme related to metabolic pathway? If you have suggested reading, please give me the link.

    Lab Practical: Factors Affecting Enzyme Activity

    Determination of optimum pH: Urease has an optimum pH, depending on the source of the enzyme, determine this value from the graph plotted. Determination of the effect of substrate concentration: Urease has an optimum pH, depending on the source of the enzyme, determine this value from the graph plotted. Determining the e

    Allosteric Enzymes

    Discuss the different methods by which allosteric enzymes are regulated, and define allosteric.

    Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions

    Explain how the rate of many enzyme catalyzed reactions varies with pH. What types of amino acids must be at the active site of an enzyme if its rate decreases at high pH?

    Michaelis-Menten Method; Effect of pH on Enzyme

    Phosphofructokinase is an enzyme, widespread in nature, catalyzing the reaction: fructose-6-phosphate + ATP ----> fructose-1,6-diphospohate + ADP Under conditions where the concentration of ATP was held constant, the dependency of the initial velocity of the concentration of fructose-6-phosphate as measured at two differen

    Discussing Enzyme Proteins

    What is the general structure of enzyme proteins? How does the structure of enzymes allow them to fulfill their biological role? These questions are presented.

    Structure of enzyme protiens, and how they fulfill their biological role

    My problem is as follows. I need to write a short account of no more than 400 words in which I discuss:- The general stucure of enzyme protiens, and how the stucture of enzymes allows them to fulfill their biological role. I am to include the following terms into the above account:- Amino-Acids Primary Stucture Pepti

    Enzymes that aid in Digestion

    10.You have just completed a meal consisting of a steak , baked potato and a vegetable. What enzymes would be released to digest this meal? From where would each of these be released? Why is there more than one protein digesting enzyme?

    Enzyme Kinetics: Understanding the Henri-Michaelis-Menten equation/model.

    An enzyme with a Km of 0.36 mM was assayed using substrate concentrations of 3 x 10E-7 M, 9.5 x 10E-5 M, 1.5 x 10E-4, 1.16x10E-3, 3 x 10E-3 M, 0.01 M, 0.08 M. At a substrate concentration of 0.08 M, the initial velocity was 192 nM/min. Calculate the initial velocity at each of the other substrate concentrations. Graph the cal

    Maximal Enzyme Velocity and Turnover Number

    The enzyme carbonic anhydrase is found in erythrocytes, and has a molecular mass of approximately 30000 Da. The hydration reaction catalyzed by this enzyme is reversible, and plays a role in the transport of CO2 from the tissues to the lungs. H2O + CO2 <-> H2CO3 If 20 micrograms of pure enzyme catalyzes the hydration of

    Understanding the Michaelis-Menten Equation, Enzyme Kinetics

    For an enzyme which obeys Henri-Michaelis-Menten kinetics, (1) At what substrate concentration will an enzyme characterized by a kcat of 30 s-1 and Km of 0.005 M show one quarter of its maximal rate? (2) Calculate the fraction of Vmax that would be found when [S]=0.5 Km, [S]=3Km, and [S]=10Km