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Maximal Enzyme Velocity and Turnover Number

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The enzyme carbonic anhydrase is found in erythrocytes, and has a molecular mass of approximately 30000 Da. The hydration reaction catalyzed by this enzyme is reversible, and plays a role in the transport of CO2 from the tissues to the lungs.

H2O + CO2 <-> H2CO3

If 20 micrograms of pure enzyme catalyzes the hydration of 0.50 g of Co2 in 1 minute, at 37 degrees Celsius, under optimal conditions, what is the turnover number (kcat) for carbonic anhydrase?

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This problem and solution provide a step by step example of an enzyme problem of the type that often appears on undergraduate examinations and laboratory reports. The solution includes a step by step explanation of how to approach this type of problem, as well as the complete answer to the question

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The definition of turnover number (or kcat) is shown below:

kcat = Vmax/([E]total)

In part one of the ...

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