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    Lab Report on Enzyme Kinetics

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    Sample Laboratory Report for a 400 level biochemistry lab for Majors.

    Topic: Enzyme Kinetics

    Include thorough introduction, Methods, Data, Results & Discussion sections. No graphs are provided!

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    Enzymes are proteins that are capable of speeding up chemical reactions; a process called catalysis. The enzyme is neither consumed nor irreversibly altered during the process. The term enzyme was first introduced by the german physiologist W.Kühne in 1876. He, like other chemists of his day, realized that yeast contained substances that caused various processes to occur faster.

    It seems as if a biochemist wanted to measure the catalytic activity of an enzyme, a biochemist could measure either the rate of disappearance of the substrate or the rate of the appearance of the product. The rate of appearance of the product appears to be the more convenient of the two choices especially if the product is colored and therefore absorbs light in the visible region of the spectrum. As more product is formed during the reaction, more color is produced and thus the absorbance of the mixture would increase. The increase of absorbance over a certain period of time would be expected to be linear and as the substrate becomes more and more depleted, the reaction, and with it the rate of increase in absorbance would begin to slow down. Commonsense, with the gathered data and a known enzyme concentration it seems as if it is one can very easily calculate the enzyme activity, which is defined as the amount of enzyme that will convert a certain ...

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