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Identify and explain invasive aquatic species.

Identify one invasive aquatic species and describe how it was (most probably) introduced into the U.S. Outline how future introduction of this invasive aquatic species might be avoided or prevented.

Preserving animal species

Critically endangered animals, such as the Przewalski's horse, the vaquita, and the kakapo, have become extinct in the wild, or are soon to be doomed. As a member of the species that has wrought havoc on the habitat and subsistence of these creatures, what more could you think of doing to help preserve them? Along the same l

Population Dynamics in Louisiana

Louisiana has a population of 4,469,000 and a birth rate of 17/1000 population. The death rate is 8.8/1000 people. In the average year, 2.3/1000 leave the state. What is the annual growth rate in percentages? How many people are added each year?

The role of humans in conservation - various opinions

Please help with the following questions: o What role, if any, do you think people should play in preserving those regions threatened by human encroachment? o How should the interests of competing groups be balanced? · Example: Drilling in the Arctic?environmental groups oppose the plan on the grounds of the destruction

Nitrogen Cycling for Forest Ecosystem

Assume that nitrogen cycling in a deciduous forest ecosystem is complete and involves all the producers, consumers and nitrogen fixing, denitrifying and ammonifying bacteria described in lecture a. Trace an atom of N (N15) that was released into the atmosphere of the forest through its route to a bacterial cell that releases

Self Contained Space Stations

If we designed a self contained space station and supplied it with organisms to create an ecosystem to support 6 people for 3 years, what types of organisms should be selected and why? Describe the main functions the organisms would perform.

UNESCO Research Outline

? Review Developing an Outline at Follow the instructions when developing your outline. ? Approach this project from the perspective of someone searching for funding to support preservation programs. ? Develop an outline identifying the ecological uniqueness of y

Biodiversity and Gull Effects

Maintaining biodiversity and gull effects. Of the following situation, examine the control methods used and its outcome. Consider the impact of the large gull population on the environment, other species, and humans. Then consider the impact of the control measures. Discuss the ethical issues involved in the decision to contol a

UNESCO Research

Approach from the perspective of someone searching for funding to support preservation programs. Review the ecological properties. Choose a property you would be interested in supporting. Cultural, archeological,or architectural are NOT to be used. Hope someone can help!

A hawk and fish example is named.

When a hawk eats a fish, does the hawk acquire all of the energy contained in the body of the fish? Why or why not? What implications do you think this answer would have for the relative abundance (by weight) of predators and their prey? I use the second law of thermodynamics to help justify.

Genetic Isolation

Using the scientific method as a framework, how would YOU as a scientist describe how a new species could arise by genetic isolation? Mechanisms of Speciation, What would be your observation, question, hypothesis, prediction, the experiment and finally the results using your own expertise. BELOW is an answer I received before-b

Change in Stream Hydrograph Over Time

See attached file for full problem description. (1) Describe the change in stream hydrograph over time. (2) What might have caused the change you described? (3) What are two possible effects on either biological or chemical parameters that might be expected to result from this change in hydrology?

Change in Water Level of Lake

(1) Describe the change in water level over time. (2) What might have caused the change you described? (3) What are two possible effects on either biological or chemical parameters that might be expected to result from this change in hydrology? See attached file for full problem description.


In an ecosystem, interaction occurs between communities. Energy is transferred from one organism to another through the food chain. What are the three trophic levels? Give an example of each. What trophic level do you think is the most important in the ecosystem and why? What is biodiversity? Is it important? Relat

Biomes and the Organisms That Live Within Them

Choose one of the earth's major biomes. and in powerpoint create a very simple presentation, each slide containing 1-2 sentences. Describe the climate and physical characteristics of that biome and the types of organisms that live within it. Give examples of and describe symbiotic relationships between those organisms. Be

Discussing Ecological Concepts and Environmental Adaptations

(1) What is the difference between these terms: Ecotype and Polymorphism Cline and Ecological Isolates Homeothermy and Endothermy (2) Describe a specific example of an adaptation that helps an organism solve one specific environmental problem but makes a different environmental problem worse. (3) What are the two requirements

Discussing Population Dynamics and Structure

The most critical factor in controlling the human population growth is A. controlling reproductive lifespan. B. decreasing the time of first birth C. decreasing the average number of births per woman D. decreasing infant death Populations of predators increase when the population of prey is high because...(Please highlight


Can you explain in detail how the following would interact with each other in an ecosystem in terms of births, deaths, weight gain, etc.: flowers, honey bees, Winnie the Pooh? I'm told that the answer is more complex than it appears.

Dichotomous Key: Animal Phyla, and Taxonomic Category

Animals are placed in taxonomic classifications based on differences and similarities of their traits. If you know what critical traits to look for, it is possible to separate any animal into a taxonomic category. First, list the traits of the following animal phyla: Porifera, Cnidaria, Platyhelminthes, Annelida, Mollusca, Arth

Multiple choice

1) Americans use about __________ times as much energy as the world average. A) 20 B) 1.5 C) 5 D) 10 E) 2 2) Rabbits were introduced to Australia about 100 years ago for the purposes of hunting. They have been multiplying, eating up the native vegetation, and destroying the native habitat of other small animals

Ecosystems Conservation and Ecosystem Resilience

Ecosystems can change over time in a process known as natural succession. When an ecosystem is disturbed, both the physical (abiotic) and living (biotic) characteristics may be altered. Disturbances may be natural (e.g., a fire started by lightning) or anthropogenic - human caused (e.g., a fire started by a campfire.) Choose

Biological and Chemical Diversity

Please respond to the following two questions: 1. Identify two different types of organisms that you have seen interacting, such as bees and flowers. Now form a simple hypothesis about this interaction. Use the scientific method and your imagination to design an experiment that tests this hypothesis. Be sure to identify the v

Industries Contributing to Greenhouse Effect

1. Certainly industry has contributed to the Greenhouse effect. Would the Earth be habitable if the greenhouse effect was not taking place? 2. How does the burning of fossil fuels add to the greenhouse effect? 3. How can humans maintain this industrialized society and decrease the number of greenhouse gasses being emitt

Life on Earth

Life on Earth - Biological Concepts from the Non-Science Major Perspective Pine trees have a different way of getting through the winter. They have tough needles instead of leaves, and these needles can take freezing temperatures without being damaged. One trick they use is that the needles are covered with a layer of wax.

Biological concepts from the non-science perspective are explored.

There are two articles on the myths of agricultural biotechnology (one from the popular press and one from the peer reviewed journal (the links are below): article no. 1. & article no. 2. Help with answ