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Biology Study Guide - Ecology

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Question 1
Choose the correct type of ecosystem for the following descriptions.

Mediterranean climate, usually on the west coast of a land mass


Question 2 text
An arithmetic growth curve will have a steeper upward slope than an exponential growth curve.

Question 3 text Question 3
What seems to be the most influential factor in making possible the explosion in the human population that began around 1800?

more food production
the industrial revolution
conquering of diseases
genetic mutations

Question 4 text Question 4
A negative rate of increase, or a negative r, means that:

the population is declining in numbers.
the population has overshot K.
birth rates have decreased.
predation rates are greater than birth rates.

Question 5 text Question 5
Which of the following water uses is probably the highest in human society?

sewage systems

Question 6 text Question 6
If the population of mountain lions adds 10 new lions each year for 20 years, we would classify this type of growth as:


Question 7 text Question 7
Which of the following might an ecologist study?

the general nature of digestive enzymes
the genetics of mosquitoes
the effects of increasing carbon dioxide on forest growth
the nature of the immune system in humans

Question 8 text Question 8
Dandelions have a short life span and a high investment in seed production, but each seed is small and wind-dispersed. This is an example of:

a K-selected species.
an equilibrium species.
an r-selected species.
a density-dependent species.

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Question 1.
Answer: Chaparral
Chaparral or Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and shrub is a temperate biome, characterized by hot-dry summers and mild and rainy winters. Nearly all of the rainfall occurs in the winter and spring rainy season.

Question 2.
Answer: False
Arithmetic growth curves have a rate of increase (or decrease) by a constant amount per time period, for example a population ...

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The following eight questions concern ecological concepts improtant in understanidng population trends. The answers are given to the questions along with an explanation of the solution.

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Anthropology multiple choice questions

1. Which of the following is characteristic of the anthropological approach?
a. an emphasis on biological explanations of cultural variation
b. ethnocentrism
c. an emphasis on shared customs and institutions
d. an emphasis on the individual
e. all of the above

2. Anthropologists generally consider cultural elements to be __________ in nature.
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d. Human brain sizes can be expected to increase dramatically in the wake of the recent "information revolution."

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