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    Picking online resources for Studying Human Biology

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    Designated as "Journ" in the grade book.) You have the chance to search the Internet for websites that may be of use to a human biology student seeking a resource for study. You'll keep a journal of this, and in the end, declare which website you feel is the most useful to a student in this course. Browse the web for course-realted websites; specifically, those that could be useful as study aids. You'll need to find at least 3 and compare and contrast them. Post your findings/thoughts in this journal and include the following:
    - The names/locations (URL's) of each website.
    - The pros and cons of the sites.
    - The currency of the three sites (a.k.a. how old are these sites?).
    - The usefulness of each website to a human biology student seeking an online study resource.
    - What did you like the best about each site? The least?
    - Finally, make a decision and declare which one you'd recommend to a classmate, indicating why you selected that particular site over the other two. Please note the grading form that will be used in evaluating your journal. Other students will also be able to review your journal, albeit anonymously. Similarly, you'll be anonymous when you review others' journals. Remember to maintain "Netiquette" with all online communications! Contact me with questions or concerns!

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    This solution lists several websites and some pros and cons about each one. To best answer the question you should visit each site. Then create a table or as I have done below, a small write up for each site that answers the same question for each site. Below, I have given a description of the website, some pros and cons and my feelings on the currency of the site. Putting all that together, you should add another sentence or two that summarizes how useful that website would be to a human biology student.

    1. www.pubmed.com
    Description: PubMed comprises more than 24 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites.

    Pros: this site collects peer-reviewed journals from high to low impact journals. As soon as an scientific article is published in a major journal it is indexed here. Abstracts for each paper is provided and often times a link to the full text is available. Pubmed links to the original source and so you are assured that you are getting the truth that has been properly vetted and reviewed by the top scientists in the field. There are also review articles that collate ...

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    The question is a project where you generate a journal or diary of websites that are helpful to a student studying human biology. The solution lists several websites and provides a methodology for ranking and assessing each site.