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Conservation of Endangered Species

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Critically endangered animals, such as the Przewalski's horse, the vaquita, and the kakapo, have become extinct in the wild, or are soon to be doomed.
As a member of the species that has wrought havoc on the habitat and subsistence of these creatures, what more could you think of doing to help preserve them? Along the same lines, what do you feel might we do with zoos and aquariums to make them more effective in the conservation of such species?

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One thing that is being done with limited success is conservation in controlled environs, particularly with the kakapo. Of course, as it is flightless, it becomes easy to isolate on an island - other animals (like Przewalski's horse) are too mobile to isolate other than in captivity. (And these equines are now up to about 1500 after being brought to a low of perhaps 40 around 1900.)

When an organism gets critically low in numbers the only way to preserve them is by concerted, active efforts. Breeding programs that "hook up" small numbers through zoo exchanges, isolation, protection from people and other predation, and ...

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Discusses extinction of species in the wild pointing to several recent examples

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