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    Jeopardy and Modification as used by the Endangered Species Act

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    This solution provides the definition of jeopardy and modification as used by the Endangered Species Act and discusses how they are applied during a Section 7 consultation. Section 7 is specific to federal agencies and these terms can determine what action a federal agency can take if their project will jeopardize an endagered species likelihood of survival and recovery as well as it's physical or biological features.

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    This solution is designed to provide definitions of jeopardy and modification in reference to Section 7 Consultation of the Endangered Species Act.

    Jeopardy as defined by the Endangered Species Act is defined as an action that reasonably would be expected, directly or indirectly, to ...

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    Jeopardy and adverse modification are two levels of criteria used during the Section 7 Consultation of the Endangered Species Act that are used to determine if alternatives will be required for a proposed federal undertaking impacting endangered species. A Federal agency an look for reasonable and prudent alternatives if they receive a jeopardy or adverse modification finding from any of the Services.