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    Impact of Biodiversity Loss

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    Describe what you think could happen if one of the major components of the earth's biodiversity were somehow eliminated completely. In your response, provide at least 2 examples of occurrences and suggest ways that biodiversity loss can be avoided.

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    The natural environment is the source of all human resources. Environmental processes provide and are responsible for many integral services; the quality of our air, the quality of our drinkable water, and the food we eat. Complex ecosystems with more diversity tend to be more stable and are a sign of a health system. It is in the interest of humans to conserve biodiversity because of the benefits and services these ecosystems provide. Nature's products support diverse industries such as agriculture, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, horticulture, construction and waste treatment. Thus, the loss of biodiversity threatens our food supplies, opportunities for tourism and recreation, and sources of wood, medicine, and energy. It also interferes with essential ecological functions.

    It is often argued that some species have already become extinct and that there is no obvious effect to the environment. However, this is rarely the case and the earth's system is so complex that there is still not enough knowledge on the roles environmental roles can play. The careless loss of any part of the natural environment could ...

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    The impacts of biodiversity loss is examined.