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Human Influence on Conservation

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Please help with the following questions:

o What role, if any, do you think people should play in preserving those regions threatened by human encroachment?

o How should the interests of competing groups be balanced?
· Example: Drilling in the Arctic?environmental groups oppose the plan on the grounds of the destruction to the habitat; those in favor argue that tapping into the oil there would be good for the economy and decrease reliance on foreign oil.

o What about when the habitat is not within the U.S. borders? Many international conservation groups are working to save the rainforest? What rights do people have to interfere with how another sovereign nation chooses to manage its lands? If the government of Bolivia is willing to allow millions of acres of jungle to be destroyed to promote the logging industry (which provides employment to their citizens), should people intervene? Why or why not?

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What thought provoking questions! Each of these questions is asking for your opinion on a topic. Opinion questions, by their nature, cannot have right or wrong answers, however it is always important to support your opinion when answering questions of this nature for a class. Below I've listed some possible affirmative and negative responses for each question. You need to determine your opinion and then use the examples I provide and/or others you can think of or find in your course notes or text, to respond to each question.

1) What role should we play in preserving regions threatened by human encroachment?

You have three basic options for an answer here 1) we should play a large/complete role - placing the needs of the natural environment foremost, 2) we should do nothing - placing the needs of humans first, 3) we should try to find a balance between the needs of humans to develop and the need of the environment.

Some supporting thoughts: If you decide on 1) you could support it with these ideas: ...

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The questions asked here are opinion questions, therefore in the solution I outline all the various viewpoint that could be taken and give advice and examples of how to support those various opinions. I list advice related to the environmental, social, and politic aspects of these questions.

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