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Soil Erosion, Greenhouse Effect and Landfill Location

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What steps can be taken to reclaim soils damaged by erosion? Include information about at least two specific geographic regions and two different actions in your response.

Distinguish between the terms "greenhouse effect" and "enhanced greenhouse effect". Include identification of four major greenhouse gases and their sources in your discussion.

What are the most important factors that citizens should consider in approving the location of a new landfill in their community?

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Soil erosion potential is increased if the soil has no or very little vegetative cover of plants and/or crop residues. Plant and residue cover protects the soil from raindrop impact and splash, tends to slow down the movement of surface runoff and allows excess surface water to infiltrate. Certain conservation measures can reduce soil erosion by both water and wind. Tillage and cropping practices, as well a land management practices, directly affect the overall soil erosion problem and solutions on a farm. The same method can ...

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The solution explores a variety of topics: soil erosion, the greenhouse effect and landfill location concerns.

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