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Importance of Rainforest

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What effects does cutting down the forests and rain forests to make the paper have on the ecosystem and environment?

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Importance of Rain forest
Tropical forests or Rain forest have a special role in the conservation of biodiversity. They are the home to 70 percent of the world's plants and animals -- more than 13 million distinct species. The tropical forests contain 70 per cent of the world's vascular plants, 30 per cent of all bird species, and 90 per cent of invertebrates. In tree species alone, tropical rain forests are extremely diverse, often having more than 200 species per hectare.
Forests influence the local and global climates. They moderate the diurnal range of air temperatures and maintain atmospheric humidity levels. Forests absorb atmospheric carbon and replenish the oxygen in the air we breathe. The conservation of forest resources in the watersheds that supply water for irrigation, sanitation, and human consumption is an important component of water supply strategies. When tropical watersheds have balanced land use, their forests absorb excessive rainfall that is gradually released later. Forests regulate stream flows by intercepting rainfall, absorbing the water into the underlying soil, and gradually releasing ...

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Rain forest have a special role in the conservation of biodiversity and they are the home to majority of the world's plants and animals. At the same time forests influence the local and global climates. Deforestation leads to loss of endemic species, soil erosion and loss of fertility, increase in water pollution and flooding and increase in greenhouse effects.

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