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    Stewardship and Sustainability

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    Discuss stewardship and sustainable resource use, as well as the issues or potential problems. What are the environmental implications of deforestation in the Amazon? Define stewardship and define sustainability.

    Can any part of the forest be conserved through wise use or should segments be preserved without any use?

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    Stewardship is caring for the natural world or human culture. Stewards incorporate an ethic that guides actions taken to benefit the world and other people. For example, recognizing that ownership of land is temporary; the land will be there after we die and others will own it. Stewards deals directly with how sustainability is to be achieved, what actions are taken, and what values are behind those actions.

    Sustainability is a process that can be continued indefinitely, without depleting any of the material or energy resources required to keep it running. This would make it impossible to run a sustainable society using fossil fuels, because the rate at which fossil fuels are created is so slow that almost any rate of use would exceed the rate of creation.

    Forests are the most productive systems ...

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    This solution defines stewardship and sustainable resource use and any problems affiliated with either concept; it also discusses the environmental implications of deforestation in the Amazon.