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    Toward a Sustainable Future

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    Some Scientists argue that achieving the goal of sustainability involves controlling the size of the world's population. Others believe the consumer - oriented lifestyle common to the developed nations is the larger problem . Yet a third group believes that our inattention to stewardship is the principal shortcoming.

    Your thoughts on the subject. Please include references .

    Sustainable, resources, future, population, consumer, lifestyle, developed, nations, stewardship

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    In my opinion, all three of these arguments are contributing together to loss of sustainability in this world. Human population is a big scourge on the limited resources that this earth has on offer to all its inhabitants. With the population overreaching 6 billion, and with China and India accounting for about a third of the humanity alone in a land area which is far below a third of the total area of the earth, the competition for resources is quite intense and often violent. The phenomenal rise of human numbers in the developing countries of the world has led to famines, violent crimes, rioting, intense poverty and an extremely poor ...

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