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Financial Analysis for Interface, Inc.

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Visit the website of Interface, Inc. at http://www.ifsia.com.

Then go to the part of the company's website about its efforts toward sustainable development at http://www.ifsia.com/goals/sustainability_overview.html.

What is Interface's product?


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Interface, Inc.

What is this company's product?

Trading on the NASDAQ commodity exchange as the ticker symbol IFSIA, Interface, Incorporated, is a small cap company that engages in the design, production, and sale of modular carpet products. In business for over 30 years, and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with manufacturing facilities on four continents and offices in more than 100 countries, Interface's products also include broadloom carpet, panel fabrics and upholstery fabrics for the commercial interiors industry. Interface's customer base includes; retail stores, government institutions, schools, healthcare ...

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