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Financial Statement Analysis for BorgWarner Inc.

Evaluate the financial health of BorgWarner Inc. Highlight the importantance of industry and trends. Conduct an industry comparison and discuss how the company's financial performance compares with others in the industry (BorgWarner is global automotive supplier).

Paper must include a summary of the company's current financial performance, the importance of industry comparisons and trend analysis, as well as an assessment of the financial performance compared to others within the industry.

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Financial Statement Analysis:

BorgWarner is known to be the leading supplier of automotive component and systems which are engineered for the development of applications of the power train. The main operation of the company is in the U.S and in Europe with its headquarters in Michigan and a total of 17, 500 numbers of employees (DATAMONITOR: BorgWarner, Inc. 2011).

In the financial year that ended 2010, the company recorded revenues of 5,652.8 million dollars which was an increase of about 42.7% from the financial year that ended in the year 2009. The recorded increase in the revenues was as a result of rise in demand for light vehicles by the consumers. During the 2010 financial year, the company's operating revenues was recorded as 504.3 million dollars compared to the previous year's financial year which was 50.7 million dollars. The company made profits of 504.3 million dollars in the financial year that ended in December 2010 compared to the financial year of 2009 where the recorded net profit was 27 million dollars (DATAMONITOR: BorgWarner, Inc. 2011).

Current financial performance:

BorgWarner Inc. Company ...

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