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Stats Problem

1. A group of day to day workers can work either 0 hours, eight hours or 12 hours at a pay rate of $9.75 per hour. (The 12 hour day pays regular time for the first eight hours and double time for the remaining four hours.) On any given day there is a 0.2 probability of not working at all, 0.7 probability of working an eight ho


Question 1 Assume that you are the owner of a small business that employs two people on a telephone help desk. Records show that one of the employees is busy taking calls for 40% or the time and the other is busy taking calls 55% of the time: a) What is the probability that when a new call comes in that both of the emp


Please explain why in a two card hand out of a deck of 52 cards the probability of getting 2 consecutive cards is 208/1326, how did you get this?

Simple Statistics Problem

16 wrestlers compete in a competition. If each wrestler has one match with each of the other 15 wrestlers, what is the total number of matches.

The Weight of a Goose Probability

A field biologist grabs geese and weighs them. He finds out that the weights of the geese are normally distributed with a mean of 9 pounds and a standard deviation of 1.3 pounds. What then, is the probability that one of these geese snatched at random will weigh less than 10.5 pounds?

Wildlife Biologist Studies - Mean Weight

A wildlife biologist captures a certain species of geese in orer to weigh them. Using science, he determines that the weights are normally distributed with a mean of nine pounds and a standard deviation of 1.3 pounds. What is the probability that a goose captured at random will weigh between 8 pounds and 11 pounds?