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Gas Station pump signs, at one chain, encourage customers to have their oil checked, claiming that one out of every four cars should have its oil topped. a.) What is the probability that exactly 3 of the next 10 cars entering a station should have their oil topped? b.) What is the probabily that at least half of the next


If the probability that an individual suffers a bad reaction from injection of a given serum is 0.001, determine the probability that out of 2000 individuals; a.) Exactly 3 b.) More than 2 individuals will suffer a bad reaction.


Insurance probability tables, as the one on the attachment, tabulates the average # of American males per 100,000 who will die during various age intervals. E.G., out of 100,000 male babies born alive, 1,527 will die before their first birthday. Answer following w/ table: a.) What is the probability that a newborn male will

Simple Arrangment Possibilities

4 different math books, 2 different Chemistry books, and 6 different physics books are arranged on a shelf. How many different arrangements are possible if: a.)The books in each particular subject must stand together? b.)Only the math books must stand together?

Only OTA 103997

Only above listed OTA Replacement time for tv sets normally distributed with a mean of 8.2 years and a stan. dev. of 1.1 years. a) Find probability that a randomly selected set will have a replacement time less than 5.0 years b) If you want to provide a warranty so that only 1% of the sets will be replaced before the warranty

Payoff Table for Christmas Toys

1. The manager of a toy store has to decide how many toys to stock for the Christmas season. Each toy cost the store $5 and is sold for $10. The manager is certain that total sales of a particular toy will always be either 1,000 units, 2,000 units, 3000, 4000, or 6,000 units. The manager has to decide whether to order 2,000, 4,0

Stats questions

1.) A recent survey by the American Accounting Association revealed 23 percent of students graduating with a major in accounting select public accounting. Suppose we select a sample of 15 recent graduates. a. What is the probability two select public accounting? b. What is the probability five select public accounting? c. H

Probability Formula

A group of 30 people gather in a room. What is the probability that at least 2 of these people have the same birthday? The year of birth is not considered; having the same birthday means two peple were born on the same day of the year.


1. In a recent poll of married couples, about 79 percent of the men and 55 percent of the women were employed outside the home. In 39 percent of the couples, both the husband and the wife work outside the home. Find the probability that in a randomly selected couple either the husband or his wife works outside the home.

Construct a table giving the binomial distribution.

Construct a table giving the binomial distribution for each of the following: a) The probability of guessing correctly on a 10-question true-false test. b) The probability of guessing correctly on a 20- question multiple choice test, with 4 alternatives per question. c) For a 100-question true-false test, the normal approx

Continuous Random Variables

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem. f(y) = cy^2(1-y)^4 0<y<1 f(y) = 0, elsewhere Find the value of C that makes f(y) a probability density function, then find E(Y)

Finding probabilities given a Bernoulli distribution

1. A True-False test was developed for a Risk Management class. A student, who didn't study, decided to randomly guess the answer on each question. Assume that the probability that the student guess correctly on each question is 50%. The exam has 20 questions. A correct answer adds 1 to the test score, an incorrect answer adds 0

Probability distribution

Let X be a random variable with uniform distribution over the interval (0,1) and let Y = X^2 (X squared). Find the probability density function of Y.

Calculating a probability from a binomial random variable

Assume that 12 percent of adults in this country have filed for bankruptcy at some point in their life. If an independent sample of 20 adults is selected find the probability that fewer than 5 will have filed for bankruptcy at some point in their life.

Probability of a Rugby Team

A rugby team of 13 consists of five backs, six forwards and two halves. (a) How many teams are possible from a squad of 17, consisting of six backs, eight forwards and three halves? (b) How many teams are possible from a squad of 17, consisting of six backs, eight forwards and two halves, and one player who could play as a

Calculating probabilities regarding seating on an airline.

Eagle airlines' planes hold only 15 people. Past records indicate that 20% of the people making a reservation do not show up. We will assume that all reservations are independent; that is each reservation is for one person and these reservations are made independent of one another. Suppose that Eagle Air decides to book 18 peopl

Stastics - Death rate

Currently, an average of 7 residents of the viallage of Westport (population760) die each year (based on data from the U.S. National center for Health Stastics) a.find the mean of deaths per day b. find the probability that on a given day, there are no deaths c.find the probability that on a given day, there is one death d.

According to Census Bureau...

Please see the attached file for full problem description. Ex 29 According to Census Bureau, deaths in the United States occur at a rate of 2,425,000 per year. The National Center for Health Statistics reported that the three leading causes of death during 1997 were heart disease (725,790), cancer (537,390), and stroke (159

Probability Problem

A box contains glass lenses used for traffic signals. Six are red, four are yellow, and seven are green. If two are chosen at random find the probability they are both green, if: a. the first lense is replaced before the second is chosen b. the first lense is not replaced before the second is chosen.


A. If two events are dependent, then P(A/B) will equal _______________. b. If two events are independent, then P(A and B) will equal _______________. c. The rule for complementary events is useful for finding P(_______________). d. If two events are not mutually exclusive, P(neither A nor B) will equal

Busy Tellers - National Bank

I got confussed with this one. So if you can help me out. Thank You Busy Tellers. Prescott National Bank has six tellers available to serve customers. The number of tellers busy with customers at, say, 1:00 P.M. varies from daya to day and depends on chance, so it is a random variable, say, X. Past records indicate that the p


On the Titanic, the passenger roster showed that there were 1692 men, 422 women, 64 boys, and 45 girls. Only 332 men and 29 boys survived. 104 women and 18 girls died. Answer in reduced fraction form. A. What is the probability of selecting a person from the roster who was a man who survived? B. What is the probability of s


If 10% of the people who take a certain drug develop at least one of the side effects. Find the probability that in a sample of 20 people who take the drug: A. at most one will suffer side effects b. Exactly four will suffer side effects c. at least one will suffer side effects d. all 20 will suffer side effects Please


Over a long period of time, it has been determined that 70% of Lawyers who take the bar examination pass the examination. Of 500 lawyers who take the examination next, find the probability that 330 or fewer will (Question also contained in attachment)

Probability hypothesis

Statistics >Probability What is the probability of rolling the number 4 (on one die) and the number 3 (on the other die) with a normal pair of dice if you roll the dice 100 times? Statistics > Hypothesis Testing In 1980, the Gallup poll asked Americans whether current safety regulations made nuclear power plants safe enou

Single-event probability, dice

Can you help me understand how to solve this problem? (I need the process and math behind it, not just the answer). Suppose I have a 10-sided die. It's clear enough that the odds of rolling a 1 are 10% for any single roll. What, then, is the likelihood that I will roll a 1 given 10 rolls? Given 5 or 20 rolls? I'd need to sol