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    Finding probabilities with the help of binomial distribution

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    A regional manager visits local fast-food franchises and evaluates the speed of the service. If the manager receives her meal within 45 seconds, the server is given a free movie-admission coupon. If it takes more than 45 seconds, the server receives nothing. Throughout the company's franchises, the probability is 0.60 that a meal will be served within 45 seconds. The manager plans to evaluate the speed of service at five local franchises of the restaurant. For the five servers, determine the probability that:
    a. none will receive a movie coupon
    b. two of the five will receive a coupon
    c. three of the five will receive a coupon
    d. all five will receive a coupon

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    The solution describes the steps and formulas for finding out the probabilities of given events with the help of binomial distrbution.