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    Binomial Distrbution : Mean, Variace and S.D.

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    The probability that an individual is left-handed is 0.1. In a class of 30 students, what is the probability of finding at least five left-handers?

    Construct a binomial distribution.

    Find the mean, variance and standard deviation of the distribution.

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    n = 30
    p= 0.1
    q = 1-0.1=0.9

    It is binomial distribution

    Mean = n*p = 30*0.1 =3
    Variance = n*p*q = 30*0.1*0.9=2.7
    Standard Deviation= sqrt(Variance) =sqrt(2.7)= 1.643168
    We can use binomdist function to get probabilities and make binomial distribution

    No. of success, r Probability p
    0 0.0423911583
    1 ...

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