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Statistics: Probability Example Questions

1: When a customer places an order with Rudy's On-Line Office Supplies, a computerized accounting information system (AIS) automatically checks to see if the customer has exceeded his or her credit limit. Past records indicate that the probability of customers exceeding their credit limit is 0.05. Suppose that, on a given d

Probability of Rejecting the Ledger

An auditor takes samples from ledgers to decide whether to certify or reject the ledger. The sampling method used is to select 10 entries at random from the ledgers and then analyze each for errors. If the auditor finds no errors he certifies the ledger. If he finds 2 or more entries with errors he rejects the ledgers. If th


According to the "January theory," if the stock market is up for the month of January, it will be up for the year. If it is down in January, it will be down for the year. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, this theory held for 28 out of the last 34 years. Suppose there is no truth to this theory; that is, the pr

Statistics: 6 Probability distribution problems

Unit 2 Test 1. The United States National Centre for Education Statistics compiles enrolment data on American public schools and reports the information in Digest of Education Statistics. The following table displays a frequency distribution for the enrolment by grade level in public secondary schools for a given year. Freque

Independent Events

27. In 1998, the average age of students at UTC was 22 with a standard deviation of 3.96. In 1999, the average age was 24 with a standard deviation of 4.08. In which year do the ages show a more dispersed distribution? Show your complete work. 29. If A and B are independent events with P(A) = 0.4 and P(B) = 0.6

Venn Diagram, binomial probability problems

5.10 Given P(A) = .70, P(B) = .30, and P(A ∩ B) = .00, find (a) P(A ∪ B) and (b) P(A | B). (c) Sketch a Venn diagram and describe it in words 5.16 Given P(A) = .40, P(B) = .50. If A and B are independent, find P(A ∩ B). 6.4 Pepsi and Mountain Dew products sponsored a contest giving away a Lamborghini spo

Statistics Probability Question and Bowser Bites Industries

Question 1 Consider a random variable, z, that has a standardized normal distribution. Determine the following probabilities: a. P(0 < z < 1.96) b. P(z > 1.645) c. P(1.28 < z < 2.33) d. P(-2 < z < 3) e. P(z > -1) Question 2 Bowser Bites Industries (BBI) sells large bags of dog food to warehouse clubs. BBI uses an au


For questions 1-5 use the random variable X with values x = 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 with P(x) = 0.05x. 1. Determine P (x = 4). a. 0.05 b. 0.10 c. 0.15 d. 0.20 2. Find P (x >= 4). a. 0.60 b. 0.45 c. 0.75 d. 0.55 3. What is P (2 < x <= 5)? a. 0.70

Probability Problems: Random Selection

An automobile dealer sells two brands of new cars. One, C, is primarily American in original; the other, G, is primarily Japanese. The dealer performs repair work under warranty for both brands. Each warranty job is classified according to the primary problem to be fixed. If there is more is more than one problem in a given job,

Statistics: Random sample for grill owners, number of television sets

3 In a simple random sample of 1000 households, 150 households happen to own a barbecue grill. Based on the characteristics of the population, the expected number of grill owners in the sample was 180. What are the values of pie, p, and n? 4 For a population of five individuals, television ownership is as follows:

Statistics: Probability density function, central limit theorem

See the attached file. If X1,X2,..., Xn, are (iid) , from a distribution with mean &#956; and variance &#963;^2. Define the sample mean as Xbar = (X1+X2+...+Xn) / n (a) Show that the mean and variances of the probability density function of Xbar are given as E(Xbar) = &#956; Var(Xbar) = (&#963;^2)/n b


1. A discrete random variable can have the values x =3 x=8, or x=10, and the respective probabilities are 0.2, 0.7, and 0.1. Determine the mean, variance, and standard deviation of x. 2. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, 50.0% of the population of Vermont were boating participants during the m

Statistics: Probability - Defective items in Shipment

A shipment of 10 items has two defective and eight nondefective items. In the inspection of the shipment, a sample of items will be selected and tested. if a defective item is found the shipment of 10 will be rejected. If a sample of 3 is selected what is the probability that the shipment will be rejected? Use hypergeometric

Probability Concepts

Refer to the Real Estate data, which reports information on homes sold in the Denver, Colorado, area during the last year. a. Sort the data into a table that shows the number of homes that have a pool versus the number that don't have a pool in each of the five townships. If a home is selected at random, compute the followin

Probability based on binomial distribution.

A gardner plants 12 flowers. It is perdicted that on an average, 15% of the flowers planted will die during the first winter. Using the information above, please answer the following questions: 1. What type of probability distribution is presented? 2. Find the probability that EXACTLY 5 of the flowers will die in the first

Probability Distribution, Binomial, Random Samples, & z-scores

1. Determine whether each of the distributions given below represents a probability distribution. Justify your answer. (A) x 1 2 3 4 P(x) 1/12 5/12 1/3 1/12 (B)x 3 6 8 P(x) 2/10 .5 1/5 (C)x 20 35 40 50 P(x) 0.4 -0.2 0.5 0.3 2. Consider a binomial distribution with 14 identical trials and a probability of succe

Statistics: single die, survival of saplings, left-handed American adults

1. Suppose a single die is rolled once. You win $5 if a 1 or a 3 comes up, win $12 if a 5 comes up and lose $10 if a 2, 4, or 6 come up. a) Complete the table that gives the expected values of each event occurring. Event x (random variable) P(x) xP(x) Rolling a 1 +5 Rolling a 2 -10 Rolling a 3 +5

Probability: Hopelessly Romantic & Number of Passwords

1. About 8% of the populaiton are hopelessly romantic. If two people are randomly selected, what is the probability both are hopelessly romantic? What is the probability at least one is hopelessly romantic? 2. A password consist of 1 letter and followed by a six diget number. How many passwords are possible if not


I'm just taking this Statistics class and I really need help understanding how to do these problems. If you need me to increase the credits, let me know. For the following problems, determine whether a probability distribution is given. In those cases where a probability distribution is not described, identify the requiremen

Micromedia, venture capital, widget defect, job data

13. Micromedia offers computer training seminar on a variety of topics. In the seminars each student works at a personal computer, practicing the particular activity that the instructor is presenting, Micromedia is currently planning a two -day seminar on the use of Microsoft Excel in statistical analysis. The projected fee for

Probability of grey and blue eyes in tribe E and tribe T

> Lets say you have tribe E and tribe T. The fraction of grey eyes in tribe E is pg_e=.673 and the probability of blue eyes is pb_e = 1-pg_e=.327. Similarly for tribe T we have the fraction of grey eyes in tribe B is pg_t=.327 and the probability of blue eyes is pb_t = 1-pg_t = .673. Now with this a prior knowledge you fin

Probability Problem

The following problem has it's basis in Quantum Mechanics: Part 1) There are two tribes the Eddas, a friendly tribe, and the Thors, a hostile tribe (ignore the Aeolians and the Boreans for this part of the problem) An anthropologist has to study one or the other of these two tribes after being dropped into the area where

Binomial Probability Distribution

Assume a binomial probability distribution has µ=0.60 and n= 200 a. What is the mean and standard deviation? b. Is this a situation in which binomial probabilities can be approximated by the normal probability distribution? Explain c. What is the probability of 100 to 110 successes? d. What is the probability of 130 or


Suppose that the demand for a company's product in weeks 1, 2, and 3 are each normally distributed and the mean demand during each of these three weeks is 50, 45, and 65, respectively. Suppose the standard deviation of the demand during each of these three weeks is known to be 10, 5, and 15, respectively. It turns out that if we