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    Binomial Probability Distribution - Practice Calculations

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    If your age is an even number, circle: j = 4
    If your age is an odd number, circle: j = 3
    In problem part A below, j is your number of flights.

    (my age is 37)

    Binomial Probability Distribution: P(x) = nCx Ï?**x (1 â?" Ï?)**(n-x) [6-3]
    · C denotes a combination
    · n is the number of trials
    · x is the random variable defined as the number of successes
    · Ï? is the probability of a success on each trial

    Also, where the Mean µ = nÏ? and the Variance Ï?**2 = nÏ?(1 â?" Ï?).

    Problem part A:
    There are five flights daily from Pittsburgh via US Airways into the Bradford Pennsylvania Regional Airport. Suppose the probability that any flight arrives late is .20. What is the probability that j of the flights is late today? P(j) = _____________

    Problem part B:
    Calculate the Mean µ = ___________

    Problem part C:
    Calculate the Standard Deviation Ï? = ____________

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    Since your age is 37, the number of flights j is 3 today.

    We know that the probability of each flight being late is 0.2, so ...

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