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Linear Regression

Regression hypothesis test for Whitner data set

Using numerical data from the attached data set, develop one research question and formulate a hypothesis which can be tested with linear regression analysis. (Research question is Whether age influences the purchase of domestic or imported vehicles) Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data in the attachments Price Pr

Overdue Bills Case: Linear Regression and Correlation

Quick Stab Collection Agency (QSCA) collects bills in an eastern town. The company specializes in small accounts and avoids risky collections, such as those in which the debtor tends to be chronically late in payments or is known to be hostile. The business can be very profitable. QSCA buys the rights to collect debts from th

Forecasting/Demand Planning

I need some help with Forecasting/Demand Planning. Can you assist me with the following attached information on an excel spreadsheet. Thank you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forecasting/Demand Planning

Graphical Solution Procedure

1. Jake's Country Club would like to determine the best way to allocate a monthly advertising budget of $1000 between newspaper advertising and radio advertising. Management decided that at least 25% of the budget must be spent on each type of media, and that the amount of money spent on local newspaper advertising must be at le

Linear Programming Applications

Linear Programming Applications: The Two-Rivers Oil Company near Pittsburg transports gasoline to its distributors by truck. The company recently contracted to supply gasoline distributors in southern Ohio, and it has $600,000 available to spend on the necessary expansion of its fleet of gasoline tank trucks. Three models of

Linear Regression, Trends and Forecasting

The amounts spent in vending machines in the united states, in billions of dollars, for the years 1999 through 2003 are given below. Determine the least squares trend equation, and estimate vending sales for 2005. Year code vending machine sales 1999 1 17.5 2000 2 19.0

Correlation and Regression (Descriptive Statistics)

1. Testing for a linear Correlation: Use the scatterplot and the linear correlation coefficient r to determine whether there is a correlation between the two variables. x 1 2 2 5 6 y 2 5 4 15 15 2. Finding the Equation of the Regression Line: Use the given data to find the equation of the regression line. x 1 2

Calculations for Simple Linear Regression Analysis

For the y and x values listed, obtain the simple linear regression equation, then analyze the residuals by: a. constructing a histogram b. using a normal probability c. plotting the residuals versus the x values d. plotting the residuals versus the order which they were observed. Do any of the assumptions of the si

Regression Analysis Paper Scatter Plot

The U.S. Congress enacted legislation in 2005 authorizing Block Grants to cities as part of an Anti-Crime initiative. The grant monies are to be used to hire additional police officers for conducting beat patrols in high crime areas. As part of the determination for how much money to grant, nine cities in New Jersey were part of

Linear Programming Model

Please provide solution in EXCEL format. PRODUCTION. Minnesota Fabrics produces three sizes of comforters (full, queen, and king size) that it markets to major retail establishments throughout the country. Due to contracts with these establishments, Minnesota Fabrics must produce at least 120 of each size comforter daily.

Corless Chemical Company Linear Programming Model

BLENDING. Corless Chemical Company can purchase up to 1000 gallons of each of three pesticide compounds, which it blends to make two different commercial products, which it blends to make two different commercial products: Bugoff, a plant pesticide, and Weedaway, a lawn pesticide. Bugoff sells for $5 per quart and Weedaway for

Linear Programming Model

Compaids, Inc. manufacturers two types of slide-out keyboard trays for use with personal computers. Model C15 is designed for desktop use. It can stand alone, or it can fit under a desktop CPU or monitor. Model UN8 is designed to be mounted underneath a desk with screws. Both units are manufactured from laminated particle bo

Linear & Integer Programming in Excel

Need help with the following problem. Need solution in excel. RESTAURANT OPERATION. Jackson's Sports Bar and Grill would like to minimize the cost of installing television sets throughout the restaurant so that it can accommodate a potential viewership of at least 750 patrons. It is considering purchasing two models of Son

Linear Regression: Money Spent on Gambling and Winnings

The following table summarizes data between money spent on gambling and winnings for Robert. Money Spent Money Won x y 12 62 10 54 16 86 18 100 15 80 10 57 5 26 12 60 22 105 25 140 Develop a linear regression equation for these data and forecast how much money Robert will win if he spends $30.

Correlation and Regression

Dot sells life insurance for prudence insurance company, she sells insurance by making by making visits to her clients homes. Dot believes that the number of sales should depend, to some degree, on the number of visits (x) she made each week and the number of people(y) who bought insurance that week, For a rando sample of 1.5 su

Charleston Textiles-Linear Programming

2.Charleston Textiles produces two types of cotton cloth: denim and corduroy. Corduroy is a heavier grade of cloth and, as such, requires 7.5 pounds of raw cotton per yard, whereas denim requires 5 pounds of raw cotton per yard. A yard of corduroy requires 3.2 hours of processing time; a yard of denim requires 3.0 hours. Althoug

Linear Regression

ACT Networks, Inc. develops, markets, manufactures, and sells integrated wide-area network access products. The following are annual sales data (in millions of dollars) from 2002 to 2007. Based on this data develop a linear trend equation for this time series. What is the firm's average increase in sales per year? Provide a fore

Linear Programing for The Savannah Manufacturing Company

The Savannah Manufacturing Company produces two types of kayaks on two assembly lines. Assembly line 1 has 100 available hours, and assembly line 2 has 42 available hours. Each kayak requires 10 hours of processing time on line 1, while on line 2 kayak A requires 7 hours and kayak B 3 hours. The profit for kayak A is $600 and th

Century National Bank - Minitab

I need help running multiple regression analysis in Minitab. Please do not use Excel. See attached files. One is in WORD, the other is MINITAB. Question 1 - Background to Century National Bank The bank would like to know the characteristics of checking account customers. What is the balance of a typical customer? How

Five Step Hypothesis/ Linear Regression

PRICE VS. AGE: A LINEAR REGRESSION: investigate the relationship and perform a linear regression statistical analysis on sample data collected. The objective behind the analysis is to answer the research question of is there a relationship between the age of car owners and the price of their cars. Hypothesis Statement One o

Linear Regression Word Problems

Solve the problems. Show all steps. 1. Using the data from 1996-1998, the annual number of cars sold at a certain dealership can be modeled by the formula Y=3x +2 Where y is the number of cars, in thousands, sold x years after 1996. According to this formula, in which years will the number of cars sold exceed 29 thousan

U.S. Department Of Agriculture: Linear Regression Model

Based on the attached data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, explore the relationship between the number of farms (X) and the average size of a farm (Y) in the United States between 1950 and 2003. Specifically, generate a simple linear regression model and interpret it. See the attached file.

Managerial Reports: Alumni

This case study involves Alumni, which are an important source of revenue for colleges and universities. If administrators could determine the factors that influence increases in the percentage of alumni who make a donation (alumni giving rate), they might be able to implement policies that could lead to increased revenue. Resea

Linear Regression of Wages and College Degree

If my dependent variable (Y) is wages If my independent variable (X) is a 2-yr. degree versus a 4-yr. degree Can you help me with a linear regression analysis if I have wages representing a 2 and 4 year degree? Those wages being: 2 yr. degree, $11,702, $24,509, $35,185, $34,746 Wages for a 4 yr. degree, $29,997, $33,959, $22

Including quadratic terms in regression analysis

(a) Explain why it might be useful to include a quadratic term in a regression. (b) Explain why it might be useful to include an interaction term between two predictors in a regression. (c) Name a drawback to including quadratic or interaction terms in a regression.

Forecast using simple linear regression

This problem has to be done in Excel. Prepare a forecast, using simple linear regression, for each quarter of the next year from the following past 2 years' quarterly sales information. Quarter Sales 1----- 160 2----- 195 3----- 150 4----- 140 5----- 215 6----- 240 7----- 205 8----- 190

Mr. James McWhinney, president of Daniel-James Financial Services

14. Mr. James McWhinney, president of Daniel-James Financial Services, believes there is a relationship between the number of client contacts and the dollar amount of sales. To document this assertion, Mr. McWhinney gathered the following sample information. The X column indicates the number of client contacts last month, and th