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predicting the sales of insurance from number of home visits

Dot sells life insurance for prudence insurance company, she sells insurance by making by making visits to her clients homes. Dot believes that the number of sales should depend, to some degree, on the number of visits (x) she made each week and the number of people(y) who bought insurance that week, For a rando sample of 1.5 such weeks, the x and y values follow:
x: 11,19,16,13,28,5,20,14,22,7,15,29,8,25,16

y: 3,18,8,5,8,2,5,6,8,3,5,10,6,10,7

d) During a week in which Dot makes 18 visits, how many people do you predict will but insurance from her?

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The solution shows how to build the linear regression model to predict the insurance sales.