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    Charleston Textiles-Linear Programming

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    2.Charleston Textiles produces two types of cotton cloth: denim and corduroy. Corduroy is a heavier grade of cloth and, as such, requires 7.5 pounds of raw cotton per yard, whereas denim requires 5 pounds of raw cotton per yard. A yard of corduroy requires 3.2 hours of processing time; a yard of denim requires 3.0 hours. Although the demand for denim is practically unlimited, the maximum demand for corduroy is 510 yards per month. The mill has 6500 pounds of cotton and 3000 hours of processing time per month. Charleston Textiles makes a profit of $2.25 per yard of denim and $3.10 per yard of corduroy. The mill wants to maximize profits.

    a.What is the maximum profit given these constraints?
    b.How much cotton and processing time are left over at the optimal solution?
    c.Is the optimal solution sensitive to changes to profit per yard of cloth?

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    Let x1 be the denim yards produced
    Let x2 be the corduory yards produced

    Obejective functions is
    Maximise Profit P = 2.25 x1+ 3.1x2
    Cotton ...

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