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Regression Analysis

(a) Use Excel to make a scatter plot of the data. (b) Select the
data points, right-click, select Add Trendline, select the Options tab, and choose Display equation on chart
and Display R-squared value on chart. (c) Interpret the fitted slope. (d) Is the intercept meaningful? Explain.
(e) Interpret the R2.

Moviegoer Spending ($) on Snacks Movies

Age (X) Spent (Y)

30 2.85
50 6.50
34 1.50
12 6.35
37 6.20
33 6.75
36 3.60
26 6.10
18 8.35
46 4.35

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c) The fitted regression equation is y = -0.053x + 6.9609.
The fitted slope (coefficient of x) indicates the average change in the y value for a unit increase in the x value. Here the fitted slope is -0.053. Since the slope is ...

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The solution contains the fitting of a trendline using regression analysis and its interpretation.