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Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development


Hi, I need help with the 2 questions below. Thanks for any help you could provide. 1- Many states, in recent years have changed their laws so that children who commit violent crimes, such as murder can be charged as adults. Thinking about Piaget's findings on how children develop reasoning skills, discuss the following: How

Technologies that Shape our Cognitive and Personal Development

In light of present-day American society, Lev Vygotsky believed that by emphasizing particular tasks, culture and society shape the nature of specific cognitive advances. Unless we look at what is important and meaningful to members of a given society, we may seriously underestimate the nature and level of cognitive abilities th

Stages of development

1. I need help summarize stages of emotional, intellectual, psysiological, and social development of middle child hood children. 2. I need implications of these issues for a classroom teacher. 3. Give two examples of activities that could relate to a specfic developmental theory.

Behavioral and/or Cognitive Interventions or Models

Please help. I need assistance to complete the following assignment- Write 1050-1400 words about hospital programs that employ behavioral and/or cognitive interventions or models. Some areas to explore: What population participates in the program? Who presents the program or interventions? How is the effectiveness of the

Describe a personal situational example in which cognitive dissonance occurred.

This scenario is discussed: Everyone experiences conflicting thoughts at times. Describe a personal situational example in which cognitive dissonance occurred for you. Using Chapter 8 of your text and other sources, explain the thinking and/or problem-solving method(s) you used to resolve that conflict for yourself. What thi

Normal cognitive development

Outline what is considered normal cognitive development at each of the five stages of development: infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, early adolescence, and late adolescence.

Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development

Create a chart in which you describe the stages of Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development. For each stage, identify a task that a child could perform. I need help with what to include in the chart. Please provide examples of tasks. Thank you.

Questions are posed about these areas of psychology.

Formal Operations is debated. It has been argued that some college students fail to achieve stage four. Given what you know about Piaget's Stages of Development, is it possible for a college student to have not achieved formal operations. Why or why not? One of the key individuals in the development of Cognitive Theories is

Cognitive theories are assessed in terms of usefulness.

This posting addresses these inquiries: What are cognitive theories? Can someone pick one cognitive method and discuss the approach, skills, and technique used in the theory? What population would benefit from this cognitive method form of therapy?